Review for Cyril and Pat

Review for Cyril and Pat

What happens when a squirrel and a rat meet? Well, tons of adventures!

I just couldn’t resist this cute looking book when I spotted it at one of my libraries. Plus Emily Gravett, such a fabulous illustrator, I just have to read her books. <3

This one is about a squirrel who meets a new friend… who is a rat. But does that bother Cyril? No. Not at all, if anything he thinks that Pat is squirrel. Yup. Cyril definitely needs some glasses as anyone can see that Pat is a rat. It is a running theme throughout the book that someone tries to tell Cyril about Pat, but Cyril always has a counter argument before they can finish their sentence. Until the end that is!

I had a laugh at how cute and fun Cyril and Pat were together, they have so many fun and delightful adventures together and get in the wildest of troubles.

The ending, oh no, I knew it was coming, but still I was sad that it happened. Thankfully, there is something amazing coming and I was quickly going from sad to delightfully happy. What a sweet ending!

The art? Well that one was just absolutely fabulous, as expected from Emily Gravett. Colourful, cute designs, beautiful backgrounds.

All in all, I would recommend this one, a fun tale about friendship, it will bring a smile on your face.

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