Review for Kawaii Origami

Review for Kawaii Origami

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A brand-new origami book popped up on Netgalley and of course I couldn’t resist requesting it. Especially since it promised tons and tons of kawaiiness, and I do love cuteness. The cover was also just sweet and made me want to read and get started.

I have to say… seeing the projects, I had expected more cuteness. Most of these projects… weren’t that kawaii. Sorry, a trashcan? A round pot? Dustpan & Scoop? Boxes? No. I expected cute animals, food (like candy), items (like jewellery or pillows), or some more plants. Thankfully, there are projects that were cute (my favourite is the ice cream, followed by the sushi and then the cactus).

Note: I haven’t done all the projects, as I said some just weren’t cute (and I came here for cuteness not dustpans), and some were just some I (and my fiance) already had tried dozens of times in other origami books.

The projects we tried out are: Purse, Tea Bag, Cat & Dog Hearts, Sushi, Ice Cream (which didn’t work entirely…).

The book starts, as so many do, with an introduction and then what tools you need and how the basic folds go.

And then the projects start. Each project has cute stars letting you know how difficult the activity is.
I would have like a bit uniformity, now it was either starting with a photograph or not, which was a bit confusing. If anything, I would have liked to see the photograph at the beginning all the time. To give a clear view on how it will look when you are done. Sure, if you flip the page you will see the project photographed, but still, show that at the beginning. Photographs are clear and sharp and showed the project in a good way. I know this sounds weird, but I have had ARCs that had blurry photographs or photographs that didn’t show the project properly.

The instructions on the how to make this origami piece are fairly easy to follow, you have a good guide with the pictures (which all match to what you should do), and with added written instructions you can’t go wrong. We (well, mostly my fiance) did a nice number of origami projects from this book, from very simple to OMG is this a good idea (like the ice cream)? Some projects have to be done at another time as we didn’t have all the necessary items (right sized paper or origami with a white side on one side for instance), we have tons of origami stuff, but apparently not enough).

It was quite fun doing these projects, and even though not all of these items are kawaii, I would recommend it. It will definitely be a few hours of fun with origami.

Here are photographs of things we tried.

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