Review for Little Guides to Great Lives: Anne Frank

Review for Little Guides to Great Lives: Anne Frank

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was very eager to read this one, and thankfully the publisher allowed me to read this one, yay! I just adore Anne Frank and I have re-read her diary many times. Of course I had to try out a new book about her, this time for kids with gorgeous illustrations.

Yep, that is the main reason I wanted to read this one… the illustrations. If they were anything like the cover, I knew I would love them. And I did. They were pretty and I loved that they used the same colours for each of them. Red, purple-ish/blue, brown. It really fitted with the story/the theme/the characters. I also loved the style of them.

The story tells us all about Anne Frank, about the war, about them hiding, about her dreams and hopes, and then how it ends for Anne Frank, but how her story of course lives on. With her diary being published, edited and told again and again. I really loved reading this book, I am so happy that Anne’s memory lives on, that her dream (while she won’t see it) came true. She is famous, for who she is and for her writing.

I would recommend this one to everyone.

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