Review for Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Vol.2

Review for Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Vol.2

This time we get Matsukaze-sensei x Suzuki!

The anime is now airing and I decided it is high time for me to continue reading this manga. I had expected to see Satou x Kojima-sensei, and while we do get a couple of ecchi scenes with them, this one features Matsukaze-sensei x Suzuki getting in heaps and heaps of trouble to the point of being way too ridiculous for me. I mean come on, getting stuck in an easel with your naked boobs? How even? Or getting a toy stuck between your boobs which moves, then getting the handle of an umbrella up against your vagina…. How?

I do love the sensei, though given her age she should know how bras work. 😛 Really, the amount of times she has a bra (or bikini)-related accident in these chapters is way too much. I am not sure what bras she is wearing, but either she should learn how to do them properly, or get a bra that fits better. Because dang. I am sure her boobs will be more happy if she learns/gets better bras.

Suzuki is totally oblivious to most of what is happening between him and the sensei, or what he is doing to the sensei. There are moments I wonder if he is truly oblivious or just playing along. Most of the time though.. definitely oblivious. I am hoping that one day he will see that sensei is into him and wants to do all those ecchi things with him on purpose, not on accident.

There is tons of ecchiness, mostly having to do with sensei’s big boobs, and also often her getting something against her vagina and it moving around and thus her getting further aroused. That poor sensei doesn’t have one moment of rest it seems, because any time she is with Suzuki she gets into something. I wonder if she truly minds though, at times we can see she does seem a bit bothered, but at other times she seems totally OK with it (as she mentioned she already had fantasies with Suzuki in the lead role).

In the last chapter we get a bit of a backstory on how she fell for Suzuki, I really found it sweet, though I have to say it was also a bit ruined by the whole ecchiness. I just can’t imagine falling for a guy after all that happens.

The sister/friend was just annoying, especially with how she could have shut of the sound of the announcement, and how she could have easily guessed that S-kun is Suzuki. Come on.

The art is still amazing, I just love how the girls are drawn. Yes, it is very ecchi, but I can appreciate a well-drawn woman. Though I did think it was at times a bit silly how her boobs went from one size to another.

I have to say I was shipping these two together. I hope that one day they can be a true couple doing all those ecchi things on purpose and not by accident.

The extra-curricular lessons…. how man, that escalated. o.0 That is not the place for a key. 😛

I am guessing each volume will feature a new teacher x student, and that we will see the other couples in the background or getting only a small spotlight. I am curious to see who is next in the line.

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