Review for Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Vol. 3

Review for Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Vol. 3

As expected a new couple appears~ Taka x Hika-sensei! Oh my!

Yep, I decided to just continue reading this one, I have some free time today and I really need to take it easier. I am so burned out by stress and the whole new house/moving that I could use some manga and books to relax. And this manga is perfect for relaxing, or well…. a bit. 😛

This time we have a couple of the PE-teacher and a student. Though these two have known each other for a long long time. They are childhood-ish friends. She always took care of him (or more like she played with him and teased him). I did love this coupling, though the start was a bit bumpy.

There was one part that made me NOPE NOPE AND NOPE. That was the part with the hike and how Hika thought back to another time like this, with a way smaller Taka and what happened there. The situations now are already eh at times given the age of the guys, but that part was just way too far for me. Taka was a child there and the things that happened…. nope. Nope.

Like the other volume this one features a ton of ecchi situations, some magical boobs getting freed scenarios, some pee (don’t ask), but also some stuff that went further and was the cause for some very awkward moments between the characters. I did love the kiss between the characters, though of course there was enough silliness happening while that happened, but for some reason it still fit. 😛

I had a laugh that everyone was trying to help out Matsukaze-sensei and Suzuki. Everyone is hoping that this one-sided love will go the right way and becomes a love for both of them.

I am even more excited that we still see a ton of Matsukaze-Sensei and Suzuki, and EVEN BETTER!!!! They confessed! She was able to do that! And then there is a heart-stopping confession from Suzuki, eeep! I am so glad that this couple got some spotlight time because I was still waiting for the confession and for their relationship to get somewhere. Yes, they are still teacher and student (as are all these couples) but I am rooting for them.

As with the other volume(s) we have some extra-curricular lessons. Oh my! Oh MY!

Welp, even though it is at times a bit too ecchi for me (really this is just practically hentai), I just can’t stop reading it. Send help. 😛 Can’t wait to see who the next couple is going to be. Another teacherxstudent?

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