Review for Quit Buggin’ Me!

Review for Quit Buggin’ Me!

It is time for the 4th kindness act so our princess can become a sir (or well, whatever name she wants).

I was delighted that Library #1 had this one in stock, hopefully they will have book 5 soon as well, I need to continue reading this one. But given it took them so long to get this one, I guess I will be waiting for a while. 😛

This time our trio hits a new kingdom, Yabko-kokomo. Quite soon they discover that things are going weird in this kingdom, and of course our princess is delighted by this misfortune. Yep. It means that she can continue her kindness quest. She still has many of those ahead of her, 5 in total, and so she is very eager for each and every one even if it comes over as if she wants to wish people misfortune.

I was kind of curious to see if there was really a monster or if there was just something else going on. Knowing this series there is always something else happening or something happens that causes a whole chain of events (and generally mean that someone is getting kidnapped).

I was really proud of our princess, she is learning so much and while she still has some attitude problems she shows that she is growing up. She finds out about family and that it doesn’t just mean her kingdom. She learns to plan and craft and save her friends. She learns that maybe princess school wasn’t so bad. And tons of the other things. Her character growth is just amazing, I love how she is changing. I think that by the end of her kindness quest she is a whole different person.

The other two Dribble and Lucas also show how awesome they are. Lucas is also growing and getting stronger + braver.

Of course there is tons and tons of humour (and puns), and while you are wondering about the title at first it all starts making sense later on.

This book is, like the others, delightfully (and hilariously) illustrated.

Recommended to all looking for a great protagonist, fun stories, puns puns and puns, dragons, and oh yes, tons of grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmm.

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