Review for Star Collector, Vol.2

Review for Star Collector, Vol.2

I received this comic from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The final volume in this superduper adorable duology. I was delighted and squeeing when I saw this book up on Netgalley. OMG, the second volume! I wanted to see how the relationship between Niko and Fynn would continue (please no rivals or that silly crap) and if we would get tons and tons of romantic scenes.

I am reviewing this one as I read~ So come along while I read.

Aww, Fynn, you are adorable that you don’t care how early it is, instead just hop on your bike and cycle to your sleepy boyfriend. That scene when he arrived and Niko opened the door sleepily, awww! And then there was a sexy scene, though Fynn, boy, Niko said he was tired. 😛

The cuteness continues, and I am delighted that both of them are still watching the stars together. Fynn is learning what the different stars are, while also having cute moments with his boyfriend. Squee!

Mm, something feels off. If I had gotten such a heartfelt reaction, such a confession of love, I would have looked way way happier. What is going on? Is there a rift growing between my two cuties? Nooooes!

While I was a bit pissed at Niko for pushing away Fynn like that at the party, I could also understand. This doesn’t seem the right crowd to come out to. I am sure there are people who will accept it, but there would be plenty who wouldn’t. Combined with how drunk everyone is getting…

Argh Fynn, you should understand that Niko has different friends and that he tells them stuff at his own time. That he hasn’t told you doesn’t mean you need to go pissy at your ex. 😐 Also, pick the right moment. That moment just wasn’t, AT ALL, the right one. Good grief. I get that you want to know things, I GET IT. But please, pick another timing.

sighsMore drama, though I can imagine that Fynn is now getting a bit antsy about things. Niko keeps dodging, keeps going back to sex, then getting angry when Fynn doesn’t want it because he first wants a good chat. Then he also learns that Nico doesn’t want to come out at school, which again, I respect and understand, but yeah, that can endanger a relationship. Because Fynn doesn’t care, and wants to be with you all the time and hearing that he can only be with you for the time that no one else is around… that fucking hurts. It finally all explodes, and I am sorry, I just wanted to smack Niko on his head. Dude. No. Just no. I was so on Fynn’s side on this whole exchange.

I did think the next part felt rushed. I mean we go from arguments to them talking, which is good, but it just felt as if Niko had magically flipped all the way in just the span of one night, which doesn’t seem real. He was so against it, and pushing a lot against Fynn, and now he is OK? And then someone else magically shows up, and sorry I was just rolling my eyes at this whole situation. And then Niko once again resorts to that and sorry, but please. Dude.

They do finally have the talk, and it made me happy to finally know more about Niko. I still think that Fynn is overreacting.

The visit to grandpa? Aww, that was just so sweet, though I was crying with how the conversations went. The author did a great job at capturing someone with alzheimer/dementia. I have worked for some time with people with alzheimer/dementia, and this was just spot on how conversations/interactions with most of them went.

Haha, I love Fynn’s mom.

snortsAh, the sex talk. I can imagine that it is not the best scenario to imagine, having get a dick in one’s butt (or put your dick in someone’s butt).

And so this one ends with a very hot and steamy scene (and I already thought their normal sexy times scenes were smoking, but dang this one takes the cake). The ending had me in tears, that was just so sweet and I am so happy for this couple.

All in all, a pretty fabulous volume though at times the pacing seemed a bit weird/off. I am glad that we got some sexy scenes, learned more about Niko, got to see this couple grow (though with some frustrating moments), and of course… the art was freaking fabulous again. Dang, that art. So beautiful.

I would recommend these two volumes to everyone looking for a nice and sweet LGBT comic.

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