Review for The Backstagers Vol.3

Review for The Backstagers Vol.3

The next The Backstagers is here and this time we got two new stories, Halloween and Valentines Day are here!

I was superdupermega excited about this one, I just adore this series, I love the characters (well, most of them), and I am always eager for more stories about this group. To see what kind of shenanigans they get up to next and if that backstage stuff is making an appearance again.

First up Valentines Day: 3 stars. It started off so well with my favourite couple making cute eyes at each other and having a sweet time. But then Beckett showed up and… there went the fun. I was just annoyed to no end with Beckett. I get that he is jealous but does he need to ruin a fun day for everyone just because he hates the holiday? I always get tired of those type of people who hate Valentines Day because they don’t have someone to love/somebody who loves them and then ruin it for everyone else or complain all the time. I really don’t understand why, I haven’t had someone in my life all my life, yet I loved Valentines Day when I was single, sure I was a bit sad at times when people around me got love letters and such, but I just ate plenty of chocolate, watched romantic stuff. 😛 I loved that the school/club did something fun for the holidays, not something big and elaborate but instead something small that still had impact and fitted with the holiday.
Also, Sasha, you are a cutie but maybe you shouldn’t overdose on candy to the point of seeing time.
I did love the ending though, it made me smile. I do hope that those two get together one day.

Next up Halloween: 4 stars. Something is lurking in the theatre on Halloween, what is it and what intentions does it have? It was quite fun to see other characters (and Sasha but he always pops up from magical places) get the spotlight in this one. Though we also see our normal characters dressed up in fun clothes. I loved finding out what was happening in the theatre on Halloween, and I so loved that Sasha was there and how he acted. Yep, typical Sasha. I loved what they did at the end, go go team!

Each story is ended with a bunch of short stories that fit with the theme. I have to say I wasn’t such a fan of those stories, the art was a bit hit and miss (though I did see some of my favourite artists pop up).

All in all, I had fun reading this one, and I do hope that one day we will be getting more stories from The Backstagers, I don’t want this one to end.

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