Review for Treasure of the Golden Skull

Review for Treasure of the Golden Skull

Pirates, treasure, a random werewolf, friendship, and tons more in this fun second book in the Maudlin Towers series.

What a happy occasion when I spotted this book at Library #1. I already had plans to buy this book, but kept forgetting because I am in the midst of moving/getting ready for wedding stuff, I will still buy the book, but at least I could read it now and didn’t have to wait until I moved to read it.

In this second book we discover something new about Mildew (which was a surprise to me and Mildew and Sponge, though apparently no surprise for any of the adults). Mildew and Sponge head into a new adventure as they find out there is a treasure somewhere on the property of their school. But that is not all. There are also pirates, the threat of the school getting closed down (which sounds fun in theory, but then they remember that it means they will all be separated and that school just always sucks).

The school falling apart? It had me laughing at times especially when it seems it was just random parts here and there falling down. And maybe most of it had to do with the whole bell tower ringing so loudly that everyone turns deaf for a few minutes. 😛

I had a laugh how the pirates took over the school and the lessons they taught the kids (yes, even with pirates school just continues).

Oh, and we find out a tidbit about one of the pirates which connects back to one of the teachers. Oh my! I had a bit of a laugh on how that one ended. Girl, I understand your sentiments.

There was a bit of suspicion on Kenningworth as he kept lurking around our duo. I already don’t like the guy that much but in this one he takes the cake. However, I also quickly had the suspicion something else was going on. I am glad what Mildew/Sponge did for him in the end. That was really sweet of them.

We also have a suspicious new girl, a mention of someone else, a reappearance of an older character, and tons more things. It was all very exciting and I was eager to see how the story would go.

I am still not a fan how Mildew is at times treating his friend Sponge. He is quite rude to him, and I at times just wanted to hit him on his head. You are not better than anyone Mildew, get that for once. So I am glad that Sponge got a small advantage over Mildew near the ending. I wonder how many times he will be using that, I am guessing quite a bit. Finally time for Sponge to take control.

I had a laugh that it broke fourth wall for a bit, when Sponge talked to Mildew about the adventures. 🙂

Oh, oh and that art teacher’s name and who that references to. That person is my favourite illustrator so I loved that he popped up in here.

The ending, oh my oh my oh my. That is all I will say as I don’t want to spoil a thing.

Like the other book this book is illustrated with fun illustrations that fit the story perfectly.

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