Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 7-4-2019

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 7-4-2019

Hi all,

Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write one as I had only one book on my TBR this week, and I haven’t read that (just like I haven’t read Crooked Kingdom). But I wanted to share my new TBR with you as I bought some new books yesterday.

This week was superdupermegabusy, working on the new house, working on other things, blog, putting stuff in moving boxes. I am dead tired, but in 13 days is the move, and after that I can slowly unpack and sleep sleep sleep. I did manage to read some things, finally getting through my library #1 books that I have lying around and are waiting eagerly to be read.

Nothing read from my TBR Pile, and also haven’t touched my Kindle.

My TBR stayed the same for most of the week, but yesterday I bought two new books, so it is now up at 3.

Here is a new picture of my TBR. Hopefully this week I can squeeze in Crooked Kingdom and then soon get started on King of Scars.

Also a new Kindle TBR, with one ARC and two new Monster High books, eep!

And that concludes today’s Sunday’s TBR Updates~ Now that I have written this post, I am happy I wrote it, it is always fun to share books/what one is reading with people. I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday, and wish me luck today we are going to do some more new home decorating/painting. 🙂 See you all next week. \o

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