Waiting on Wednesday ~ Kim Reaper, Vol. 2: Vampire Island

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Kim Reaper, Vol. 2: Vampire Island

Evening all,

Welcome to a brand-new Waiting on Wednesday~ Often I pick a book that isn’t that far in the future, but this time… a book that won’t release until June. Normally I am already excited about books, but this one, the hype is over 9000!

It is the new Kim Reaper book, I LOVED the first one, and so I can’t wait for the new adventures with Kim and her friends. This time it seems they are going to a vampire island, and of course there is still plenty of dating (though it seems there are some problems in relationshipland).

College relationships are tough for everyone, but they’re extra hard for Kim. Her grumpy grim reaper bosses are always making her work overtime, her girlfriend Becka’s roommate keeps hanging around, and for some reason, she’s going on an awkward group date to Vampire Island! But when she stumbles into a long-lost friend, Kim accidentally finds herself in the middle of a vampire grudge, plus a new strain on her relationship. Surely she can figure out how to study, be a good girlfriend, maintain her social life, and still pay rent? She just might need a little help.

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