What I Hope To Read May 2019

What I Hope To Read May 2019

Hi everyone!

Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read post, this time for May! Tons of books are coming out this month and I am superduper excited. I am not sure if I can read them all, it seems to be a returning theme that I barely get to read the books I am excited about in a month. But I guess the idea of this post is just to list what I hope to read in a month, books I am eager to look forward to, I shouldn’t feel obligated to read them immediately. 🙂 Plus, if there is a lull in my reading time at least I got tons to read. Mountains and mountains of it even.

No pre-orders this month.

I can’t wait to read these books (and others) in my brand-new library room (with loft). Eep!

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