Library Haul 18-5-2019

Library Haul 18-5-2019

Evening all,

Welcome to a brand-new Library #3 haul! Yep, it was high time to visit Library #3 again and it was gorgeous weather so even more motivation to go out and visit it.

Since it was already a bit later than normal (we had an appointment at our wedding location, eep just a bit over a month) we decided that instead of dropping old books and shopping we would first drop books and get new books and then shop. 😛 The library closes at 5 and I need at least 30 minutes to an hour to check out books so when we arrived at 3 it seemed like the better idea.

I immediately spotted 3 books I wanted at the new non-fiction/adult fiction, though I knew not to get my hopes up for the children’s/YA section, but behold! I found 4 new books there! Whoop! That is more than I normally find these days, so I am very excited.

Comic section and upper floors are next and I found several new comics (and was tempted to bring Sigmund with me but in the end I didn’t as I was a bit tired of all the repetition in the books I still had left to read) and also a gorgeous book about train travel!

So good times, very good times. A giant stack to read, I won’t be bored these coming weeks until I go and visit again.

Stats: 11 books. 4 non-fiction, 4 graphic novels, 3 fiction.

NOTE: I just got home from a very busy day (as you can read) so the book list will be added tomorrow as I won’t have any time the rest of this evening, not to mention I am dead-tired. But I did want to share my books with all of you, so at least could see the amazing haul!


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