Library Haul 22-5-2019

Library Haul 22-5-2019

Hi all,

Welcome to a brand-new Library #1 Haul. It was high time to visit the library again, one of the books had to go back + with the exception of one book I finished reading them all (or I tried). Thankfully, it was gorgeous weather and I had some time to cycle to Library #1.

I am a bit disappointed with my haul, I had expected great towering stacks… OK, 7 books to reach my limit, instead I found 4 books. They are fabulous looking books though, so I am still plenty excited, but I do wish that they would add more books to their collection. Their new children’s and non-fiction books are pretty much the same as it has been since the last time I visited, and I do know books are being released.

I also had to stop myself from recommending all the books. There was a mother and two kids looking for English books to read and I was just eager to give a few recommendations. For instance Hamish, or maybe a David Baddiell book, or Sarah McIntyre x Philip Reeve books. Later on I spotted them again and saw that the mom was reading aloud from a book, so I am happy they found something fun!

Stats: 4 books. All fiction.

Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder
Jack of Hearts (and other) by L.C. Rosen
King Flashypants and the Snowball of Doom by Andy Riley
Met de kat naar bed by Frits Abrahams

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