Review for Bellamy

Review for Bellamy

Welcome to Bellamy, I hope you have no plans because you aren’t about to leave any time soon. evil laughs

Every time I see a new Darcy Coates book or story I just have to read it immediately. This time we have a short story/novella about a creepy children’s asylum where things went bump in the night. Children disappearing, and one of those is the MC twin brother.

Yup, imagine losing your twin brother and knowing that you stood (or was paralysed in your bed) defenceless when he was taken. It is no wonder that our MC ran away from the place, but she wants to go back now because she wants to end things. She wants closure. She wants to end this chapter and stop the nightmares that are plaguing her. And what do you do then? Go to the place during the evening of course. With just a flashlight. What could possibly go wrong? Yep, I had a bit of a laugh that she went to the place when it was getting dark. The place is falling apart, it is creepy as hell, and sure maybe no one is around (or so we think) but still maybe go when it is day? 😛

As she steps into the building she gets flashbacks to things that happened when she was still a child. She is slowly remembering things from back then, though some things are hidden in the dark until much much later, then we get the true words that were said that she has forgotten. I have to say it was all very creepy, because while the past parts are a bit tamer there is still some things happening, sometimes just a feeling and sometimes much more when Patience makes her entrance.

I loved the atmosphere of the house, and I loved finding out more and more about it and what kind of things happened in the house. There is tons of things to find out, and believe me you will be on the edge of your seat and if you are like me you will also get goosebumps.

The ending and what happened there, holy carp, I thought it couldn’t get any creepier but it did. I loved the revelations there and how that changed things. The last sentences of the novella? I am kind of curious what it means for our MC, and why she is apparently OK with it. I guess maybe it means she is closer to a certain someone? Still, it was a creepy way to end this story.

All in all, highly recommended! I can’t wait for the next full novel by this author. I can’t wait to see what it is going to be about. Hopefully tons of creepiness.

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