Review for Floor ni Maou ga Imasu Vol.2-Vol.5

Review for Floor ni Maou ga Imasu Vol.2-Vol.5

Follow our demon lord (and in one volume her slayer) as she navigates through food and her new life. We also meet other fun girls, and we all get hungry from Kouichi’s food. Yum!

I recently had the happiness to be able to read Vol.2 to 5 for this series, however I wasn’t too motivated to write a big review for each volume as I had done for volume 1. But I did write mini-reviews, and I want to share those with my readers.

Volume 2: :
In this volume tons of boobs, ecchi stuff as things go wrong with love potions and with air conditioners dying, magic, food (because Amon-chan LOVES food), a new character appears and I just adored her, I am hoping we will see much more of her in the next volumes. I just love the girls in this series, but the guy is also not too bad. He can cook like a king even when in cat mode (don’t ask). The art is fabulous, I love how the artist draws the girls and the sexier scenes. Now I just need one more thing…. the rest of this series! Well, two things, an anime would also be awesome.

Volume 3:
Another hilarious and sexy volume in this series. This time mushrooms (in very interesting shapes cough), Halloween is here (and the outfits are amazing + I loved seeing all customers in costumes), it is time for Christmas and our demon girl learns about Santa and suddenly turns into a very good girl (all for the presents), Valentines Day is here and the battle begins, there is tons of food, sexy scenes and sexy poses which the mangaka draws superb. The only thing I didn’t quite like? The talking sword who thought she was the mother and was constantly going on about marriage. Just shut up please.

Volume 4:
The 4th volume, and argh, this series is just too much fun! The girls are cute (and hot, well Amon-sama only in her adult form of course), there is tons of humour, and I just love the titles to each chapter. In this one we are going to the beach for tentacles and bikinis, it is time for a diet but it goes much further than expected with fun results, there are ecchi pictures by the boss which ends in a battle royale with memory, and there is more. I just loved seeing our ghost girl again, and I hope she will make more appearances as the series continues. I do think it is hilarious that in the illustrations throughout the book we see the girls with underwear… however when they move around and skirts are blown away we can clearly see.. nothing of the sort. 😛

Volume 5:
This time the focus is mainly on our new girl! The first chapter is all about our other girls, and we see them make regular appearances, but that is it. Meet Alys, a cute girl with the same problem as Amon (though Amon doesn’t have memory loss when she shrinks). She is tiny but when she eats Kouichi’s food (ah, the magical Kouichi food) she grows and remembers all. The funny thing though? She forgets everything and gets in quite a fit when the food wears out. Teehee. We find out that Alys is a slayer destined to slay the demon lord. We also meet Saeko the teacher who is taking care of Alys. I had a laugh at how much of a slob she is and how fond she is of a certain part of Alys. There was even more ecchi-ness than before in this series with plenty of naked scenes and boobs bouncing around free and naked. I didn’t mind it that much, though I was wondering why the sudden change. The volume ends on a cliffhanger so I need the next volume!

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