Review for Grumpycorn

Review for Grumpycorn

A delightful picture book about a unicorn without any ideas and a big grumpy mood!

I was so happy when I learned that Sarah McIntyre would be having a brand-new picture book, this time about a unicorn, no, a grumpycorn!

Meet our unicorn he is trying his hardest to write a book, or well, maybe just a story. But he can’t get any ideas in his head, no matter what his friends try, no matter how shiny and fluffy and wonderful his pen is. I could definitely relate to that poor unicorn, I know the feeling of wanting to write but no words come out. And yes, just like our unicorn I got grumpy. However, if someone would bring me cookies (like our mermaid cook did) I would be all over my grumpy mood and shove all the cookies in my mouth.

Instead we see our grumpycorn continue his grumpy ways towards all his friends. They all try to help him and all he does is act angry with them. Which saddened me. I was hoping he would see that they were just trying to help.

The ending? I loved that despite every grumble and complaint his friends tried to help out the grumpycorn. That they still tried to make him happy. I had tears in my eyes. And then our unicorn made its appearance and I was even happier with the events.

I loved that while this book is about a unicorn gone grumpy it is also about his friends and that each friend got a bit of the spotlight. My favourite would be the mermaid! She looked cute, and I can’t resist characters who can cook some delicious things (like cookies).

The art was just amazingly fun, but then again, I had high hopes given that this is Sarah McIntyre and she makes some amazing gorgeous illustrations. I spend quite some time finding all the little details in the illustrations and soak up all the gorgeous colours.

All in all, a fun book I would recommend to all. About writing, about inspiration, about friendship.

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