Review for Hamish and the Monster Patrol

Review for Hamish and the Monster Patrol

A brand-new Hamish adventure this time with even more monsters, a Chosen One, and more revelations about Belasko and another organisation, the Monster Patrol!

I just LOVE the Hamish books, while it is a bit monster of the week in style (as each book has a new monster threatening the world/Starkley), there are enough twists and turns, new characters, and new revelations, each book keeps you on the edge of your seat. What would happen next? What kind of new things will we learn in this new book?

This one does require one to read the 3 short stories released not that long ago. In one of the stories we learn of Alice’s grandmother and that monsters are truly real. That there are people hunting/protecting them. This one continues that story because in this book Hamish and Alice (and the new character Kit) are going on a quest to find Alice’s grandma. She may be the only one who knows how to save the world/Starkley from a monster that is coming slowly from the sea.

But before that all happens we meet a new Starkley, a Starkley that is in full-protective/combat mode. People are leaving, barriers are made, sometimes supplies of food come in… sadly, mostly boring and bland stuff, there is a curfew, there is a big honking clock/alarm-system, and more. There is a monster coming and Belasko is in full battle/ready mode.
Each chapter we get, often full of humour, told how many days are still left before the monster arrives. Eventually I was looking forward to each new chapter as I had to know what way we would be told about the days this time.

I loved the parts taking place in the Amazon, to see that monsters are real and magic apparently too (though I am still not entirely convinced), to meet a new group named the Monster Patrol. I do hope that the MP is able to grow a bit more than just 2, or now 3, people/monsters. I had such a laugh when Hamish got caught up with a unicorn and that apparently cactuscubes are its favourite.

Meeting Lydia at last, it was wonderful, though I did think it was a bit hilarious on the hows and whats of her capture. It is quite surprising that she is still alive, but then again with her spirit she would survive for much longer. For an older lady she got a ton of spirit and power.

What the monster was and how things went when it finally came to a battle? It wasn’t entirely what I expected, and I was a bit disappointed, but still I had fun reading about the battle.

The ending made me smile and I was delighted that Hamish finally had the courage to tell his friends and that he learned to trust them a bit more. I hope he can learn a bit more from his dreams, it seems he has yet another talent.

Scarmash also makes his appearance, because why not, he is the big villain of the story. I just hope that one day Hamish, his dad, and Belasko can capture him or put him out of the monster business.

And just like every other book this one is delightfully illustrated!

All in all, I can’t wait to see what the next book will be about. What monsters will pop up and what kind of plans will Scarmash make/prepare. I would recommend this fun, unicorns are real though they don’t pop cupcakes or glitter, prawn-filled book to everyone.

9 thoughts on “Review for Hamish and the Monster Patrol

  1. We are big fans of the Hamish series in our house, but we didn’t like the Baby Boom. Whilst skillfully written, my son hated the premise (‘lame’ and unappealing) and I thought the tone was a little smug and rellied too much on gross humor (which has always been there, but not the focus).
    We were delighted with this and the Xmas tales however, definitely a return to form. I’m wondering if Danny is planning to wind down the series here after a busy turnaround, but hopefully not

  2. One detail we noticed. A year has passed since the events of the first book, but Hamish is still ten. Does he age like Bart Simpson?

    1. I don’t know how long its been, maybe it hasn’t been a full year but almost a year? Maybe his birthday will be celebrated in the next one? I also wouldn’t mind it if the characters didn’t age, it is something that happens in so many books/movies/series that I am kind of used to it. 😛

      1. In the Christmas book the first story (which takes place before The Worldstoppers), he is ten, and hasn’t met the PDF yet, but the next story he does. Presumably it’s set after the Baby Boom, where I’d assume he’s 11. Must be open to interpretation.

  3. Lovely series, reading this one gives me the impression it’s the last one, it feels conclusive. Maybe not, maybe the Hamish series will have a hiatus, or Danny will start a brand new kids saga. I know Jamie Littler is focusing on his Frostheart line (which I haven’t read yet, have you?)

    1. I feel that there is still more to come. We still have Scarmash who is still free and plotting all sorts of evil things. I think until he is caught or turned good that we still got some stories left.
      Frostheart… well I tried, but it wasn’t for me. The characters were just meh, and there were other things that just didn’t sit well with me.

      1. Fair point. I’m thinking about a year of two until we hear of any new ones, if the illustrator is busy.
        I’ve noticed on most covers, Hamish looks anxious or stressed, but on this one he looks more determined. Is he getting more confident?

        Also, are you Dutch? I’ve been there and seen that the first book has been released over there translated, where he’s been renamed hero! I was wondering if the sequels have too, or if they’ve made other changes. I see Starkley is still in the UK

        1. I do believe I read an interview in 2017 in which the author mentioned he has many more Hamish stories planned (this was around the time book 4 and 5 were already going to come out), so I guess that means we will get more someday.
          I think so yes, you can also see in the books he gets more confident in what he is doing and I love that. It is great when characters get stronger, braver, more confident.

          Yes, I am Dutch. 🙂 I don’t know about the Dutch books, I only read the books in English. But happy to hear that Starkley is still in the UK, I have had translations just move the characters to my country which is quite confusing and weird.

  4. Hamish is naturally a shy and awkward little boy, so it’s interesting to see how things change or improve him. For example, I was thinking he didn’t really have many friends before he met the PDF.

    I was wondering if they are exact translations, and if they change any details to tailor towards a foreign readership. Suppose Starkley would always be in England, given that they go to London in the second book. I know that Hamish becomes Hector in the French translations, despite him explaining his name reflects his Scottish heritage.

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