Review for RuinWorld: Eye for an Eye

Review for RuinWorld: Eye for an Eye

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welp, I had high expectations. I just love adventure, I love RPG stuff, I love treasures, I loved the cover. However, I had to drag my ass through this book to get through it.

For many reasons, since I am quite tired I am going for a good/bad review.

-That art! I just loved the art style, I loved the colours used, I loved the character designs.
-The magic items. Especially that hammer. Give it to me, please!~
-Undead Army! OOHhhhhh.

-The characters. I didn’t like any of them. Not that pig, not the foxcat, not at all the insect dude. Yes, sorry, I just finished the book and I have no clue what their names are. I saw them, and within a few panels forgot about them. That is how much I cared about the characters. The insect dude was just annoying and icky and I wanted to throw him for some kind of mythical creature. The pig was annoying and dumb (seriously, they had to add the whole we will be eating you trope and the character in question once again being to dumb/oblivious to it) and kept bringing his team into danger without even knowing what was going on, he tried spells while he should just have been carrying around the team’s stuff.
The fox dude? Urgh. I don’t like a guy who is grumpy 99% of the time.
-The story. It was chaotic… messy… I was mostly confused on what was going on. First they are after Barri/Barry/Bari? because he was an asshole and stole their map, then there was some evil baddie who Barry/Barri/Bari was indebted with, who also knew Rex, then there is more running and adventuring, saving that dumb pig, then getting oils for the sick fox/cat, undead army,
-It didn’t help that we have more POVs, especially when one is for that stupid insect.
-And of course, the insect instead of helping or I don’t know running away, goes for the treasure. Greedy little ass… Oh, and now we should feel sorry for him as he had a moment of brightness. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH. rolls around laughing
-The ending? Why the hell did they leave that gold outside? They finally have gold/money and they don’t seem to freaking care?

Phew, it took me quite a long time to get through this one, and even some Brooklyn Nine-Nine motivation to really get through it + write a review. sighs Hopefully, my next book is better. This is the second book today that I haven’t liked. Rating it 1.5 for the 3 points I mentioned in the good part.

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