Review for Sandapalooza Shake-Up

Review for Sandapalooza Shake-Up

Welcome back to Wonderland! This time a sparkling tiara, daddy mysteries, sand so much sand, and tons of delicious burgers.

I just adore this series, it is fun, sparkly, full of imagination, silly characters, friendship, and wild stories made up by P.T..

I will make a good/not so good review, though mostly it will be a GOOD review.

-Seeing P.T. again and see him try all sorts of fun things for the motel. The things he comes up with are just amazingly fun and I actually can’t wait to see him as an adult and using his stories for a real job. I wonder if he will continue in the hotel/motel business or if he will be an entertainer somewhere.
I also still think it is hilarious that at times he doesn’t know some words, but then when making up the most sparkling stories he knows words that I never expected him to know.
-The tiara and the British people who belong to it. I had a laugh how stiff the parents were and how their teen daughter was. She was totally drooling over Pinky and the movie, and I thought it really adorable. Sure, she also had some moments that were pretty dumb. Like the whole tiara business and how she truly thought she could be a princess. 😛
-What happened to the tiara and the whole mystery surrounding it. It was just so much fun clueing things together and also seeing what Gloria and P.T. were uncovering. I always love competing against characters, see if I can discover the truth faster than they can. Sometimes I do, sometimes I just have to go with the flow of the story as the author keeps giving us twists and turns.
-The sandapalooza. Oh my, I just love a good sand (or ice) sculpture. I am happy that thanks to the illustrations I could also enjoy seeing them and not just forming them in my head.
-The whole is Travis my daddy or not. P.T. is still highly curious about his dad and who it may be. This time we have Travis (the guy hired to make sand sculptures) who was in the right spot in the right time 12/13 years ago. I quickly had a suspicion about how this would end, but it was still quite interesting to see how P.T. talked to Travis, how he tried to have him and his mom meet up.
-The food! Jimbo makes some great food and while there were some things in there that I cannot eat (allergies, ahoy) most of these foods are definitely on my OMG I wish I could eat those for real list.
Well, I say food, but later on when P.T. and Gloria make the food… eh. Not so much.
-The ending! It was just too much fun, and there was a new revelation about a big character who I don’t like. So I was happy with this development. Yay!
-The illustrations! They just fit so well with the style of the book/story/characters. It is just as sparkly and fun.
-Seeing P.T. mom and Gloria’s dad flirt a few times here and there. So cute! I am still hoping that these two will get closer and maybe even date.
-P.T. relationship with his grandpa. They are quite a match, and there were several sweet moments in this book between them.
-Gloria. She has some fabulous ideas, and she is a total wiz with business stuff.
-P.T. and Gloria’s friendship. They just fit together so well, like hot chocolate and whipped cream or cookies and milk.

Not so good:
-Conch, I never liked him but he takes it a bit more in this one. I get that P.T. and co are also not that nice, but he is actually trying to damage them and won’t be stopped by anything. I just feel he is way too much of a villain.
-I didn’t like how the British went so far to accuse someone and even announce it on tv/radio. What the hell? You don’t even know if she did it, but you are making it seem like you have a solid case.
-The stupidity of the people in the hotel. I was just groaning out loud with how people acted. OH NO, maybe MAYBE someone stole something let’s just rampage back to another place. It was just way over the top for me. But maybe it is an American thing and it is normal there. 😛

Still I had tons and tons of fun while reading it, I flew way too fast through this book, now I have to wait for the next one to come out in paperback. I would highly recommend this book to everyone! I am sure everyone will have a fabulous time at the Wonderland Motel.

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