Review for Time Thief

Review for Time Thief

Time capsule time! After 30 years it is finally time to dig it up and get out what is in the old time capsule.

The second Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew book that I bought at quite a steal on Saturday. I am so delighted I had the chance to read two more of these terrific fun books. Sometimes changing Nancy’s age doesn’t work (see another book I read with a new sort of Nancy), but it works in this series.

The Clue Crew has a new mystery to solve, namely what happened to the doll that was in the time capsule? Who stole? Or was it never stolen? I loved this mystery though I quickly had a clue who it could be. This is new for me, mostly with this series I cannot figure out the whodunnit as the book keeps throwing new hints and suspects at you all the time. 😛 But this one had one person, and truly one person, acting highly suspicious. Or I should say different from normal. So I had my big suspect, but the why’s were still a mystery to me, but we later find out the why and I was nodding along. If that was me I would have done the same. Now I am sure my readers are thinking I am a criminal, but I would say read this book and see what you would have done if you were that age.

I had great fun seeing the girls try to infiltrate and figure out the clues and if their suspects were the right ones or not. We saw parts of the town, we went to a fun doll party, we saw them eat terrible lunches (I am so glad we don’t have that in schools here), and there is of course tons and tons more.

While I am a big fan of Bess and Nancy, I am still not sure how I feel about George. I know I liked her more in other versions of the Nancy Drew-verse.

All in all a wonderful new addition to the Clue Crew, I would recommend it. As for me? I need to get more of these Clue Crew books to my collection.

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