Review for Unicorn Uproar

Review for Unicorn Uproar

A new mystery is here, a “unicorn” is missing, oh no! It is up to the Clue Crew to figure out the who’s and what’s.

I was delighted when I found 2 of these books in a book store, of course they had to come with me. I have always been meaning on getting more of the Clue Crew books they are just so cute and fun to read.

This time our girls go to a Medieval Fair and have a sparkling good time with tons of good food, but of course also a mystery with tons of suspects! Who took the unicorn from the pen? Is it Destiny who is a prissy princess and wants the unicorn for her birthday? Is it Toby who needed money and knows unicorns can bring luck? And what does Sophie and her missing horse have to do with the picture. Whereas I had a hard time figuring out the whodunnit and what happened (it wasn’t until the moment the garden popped up), I knew what was up with Sophie and her missing horse from the moment she popped up. Why I couldn’t guess the whodunnit? The fun thing with these books is that guessing the whodunnit and the why’s aren’t easy. The book keeps throwing new hints and there are tons of suspects. I just love that. Sometimes mystery book have an easily to figure out suspect and why they did it, but not these books.

I had fun following the girls as they went after hints, but also went to have a good time at the fair.

There were a few instances that I thought were hilarious. For instance that our girls think the unicorn is truly a unicorn, and then are disappointed when they find out (which takes them to the end) that the unicorn is just a horse with a headband. Or Nancy and her obsession with her wand and thinking things were happening because of it. I get that these are 8-year old girls, but given how Nancy and her friends act at times they come across as way older and way more mature it just seems a bit weird and off.

Yep, I had fun to read this book and I flew through it. I would highly recommend this one to all looking for a fun mystery featuring three wonderful characters.

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