Review for Waves

Review for Waves

I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was in love with the cover, I believe I may even have seen this book on Twitter, so I just needed this book in my life now. And boy, it was just absolutely gorgeous. I will be trying my best to write a review however it may be quite chaotic as I am still full of emotion due to this book. This book made me cry (in happy and sad ways), this book made me root for the characters.

Our MC is trying hard to make a baby with her wife, but so far it seems they are having problems. In this book we see them try again, and it seems to all go well for a while… but then things end up badly. I was crying, I was just so happy that they had the baby, that it all seemed so well, and then something happened and they lost the baby again. I am at least happy they had the chance to take that photograph together. It makes me happy that these things are possible these days. At least they have something to remember them of their tiny little baby.

Throughout the book we see that our MC is falling down further and further in a deep pit. Her wife tries to help her, and it seems she also has the help of her notebook, her story. The parts with her struggling with her life and the loss of her baby are often seen with her on a boat in a sea.
Also, She apparently lost colour in her life during these hard times, but we see colour slip in bit by bit as she talks to counsellors, her wife, and when she writes down her story. I love how the artist/author made this happen. It wasn’t instant colour, it was really bit by bit. Slowly, as she recovered and found her footing in life again.

I loved her wife, how our MC was worried that she may not want her, and how her wife comforted her and talked to her.

The art was absolutely gorgeous, I adore the style.

All in all, this was one gorgeous book, and I would recommend having tissues at hand. I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

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