Review Seeking the Truth

Review Seeking the Truth

I received this comic from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This one just looked absolutely stunning, and after checking the blurb I knew I had to have this book.

What would you do if you had an accident and someone left you for dead and you find out that people are bought for their silence? Would you a) just shrug and try to live your life as much as it can even though things hurt? b) Hunt that person down and get some sweet sweet justice? c) Let someone else do it for you. Lya goes for option b. And I love that. I love it when someone doesn’t give up after such an horrific event.

Since I am a bit tired I will write this review as I read. No spoilers of course, or I will hide them. I will try to be as clear but also as vague as possible about things happening, if that makes sense.

Dang that first page. Holy hell. What a start. And after that we are back to the now, with Lya in a wheelchair and about to go somewhere. snorts Mom, please, don’t say break a leg to someone with no use of her legs. 😛

It is quite sweet of Antoine to help out Lya, even though he is worried about her not telling her parents. Plus, I definitely need to mention this, Antoine is a hottie! Oh my!

So apparently her internship is just a ruse? Or at least it seems she has another agenda next to learning new things. Apparently someone important is working at the office, and I wonder what they have to do with the case.

I just adore Adèle, she looks adorable (and is totally my type) and I loved how sweet she was with Lya. Later we find out why she can act so normal around her, as we find out something about someone close to her.

Wow, Lya maybe you should just wait a bit longer before you start snooping? I get that you are very eager, but maybe familiarise yourself with the layout and the working schedules before you head out. But it seems that she understands after drooling over another hot intern. 😛 Though it seems that maybe she needs a new plan when she finds out that about the archives. Mm, how is she going to do that. I do have a hunch though.

The conversation that Antoine and Lya had at night was interesting, and we learn more why she thinks that her parents were paid off to shut up.

My hunch wasn’t right, but I did like her plan. That was a pretty solid plan, and I just loved how distracted Adèle became when she saw Lya’s friend. Yep, he is cute right? I would like to high five Adèle and form a fan club. 🙂
Oh noes, that is a shame, how will they handle this bump in the road? And why isn’t x there when it should be there? Mmm, mysterious. Why are people hiding the truth from Lya, what is in that file that is apparently so important that people are getting paid to shut up and that the file is missing? Me thinks that it is a bigwig who drove Lya down.

Oh my! Adèle getting a much bigger role than I thought would be possible. What is she up to and why is she so invested in finding out about Lya, does she know about the file? Or does she just think Lya is being suspicious? Things escalate and while I wasn’t too happy with how Adèle did things, I am glad with how things eventually came together. I hope that Adèle will be a good asset in breaking this case. I was already worried that she may turn to wrong side, so I am glad my cute girl is on the right side. cheers

Oh, Lya’s name is actually Silyane? That is a gorgeous name.

OMG, I am just crying now. Poor Lya, that nightmare was horrific. 🙁

Nooooooo, don’t do this to me! Don’t end it on a cliffhanger. shakes her fist Noooooo. Now I got to wait until the next volume appears for me to know what is in there. What will Lya find out. Arggghhh.

So we have reached the ending before I knew it and wow, this was just so good. The story is engaging, interesting, fun, contains some humour and tons of mystery. The art however… was pretty OK at times, but the author needs to learn how girls walk. Hint, not like that. That means I would have to break my hip. 😐 Not to mention some other poses that would work perfectly at the catwalk, but just look weird and odd on the workplace or in real life.
But all in all, I need more! I want to know what is in the file and what will happen next. Will Lya find the one who hit her and left her for dead?

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