Waiting on Wednesday ~ A Zombie Ate My Homework

Waiting on Wednesday ~ A Zombie Ate My Homework

Evening all,

Welcome all, welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday~ This time featuring zombies, oh my.

This one popped up on my Twitter feed while I was browsing, I was instantly interested by the title and the cover, and then I read the blurb and I just knew I had to have this book. So I will be buying it soon.

The book is about a zombie kid, aptly named Arnold Z. Ombee, who ran away from a secret lab and is now trying to life with humans. Oh my! I wonder why the government is making zombies, in most books this is just a terrible terrible idea as it always goes wrong in one way or another. How did Arnold escape, though it does proof my point that doing experiments is a bad thing. 😛 I can’t wait to see how is going to be doing at school, between all those kids and all those brains. Will he be able to resist? Or will he fall for the brains? Big points to the cover which fits the title but also gives us a glimpse at Arnold, and boy he looks hungry steps away.

Can’t wait!

Arnold Z. Ombee has escaped a secret government lab that’s developing zombies. Young, scared, and alone, he is found by the Kinders, a warmhearted couple who take him in.

The Kinders decide Arnold will become part of their family. They help him disguise his undead appearance and teach him how to act like a human boy. After a lot of practice, he’s ready for the ultimate test:
Fifth Grade!

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