Blog Tour ~ Sin Shot by Raine Miller ~ Excerpt + Review

Blog Tour ~ Sin Shot by Raine Miller ~ Excerpt + Review

Morning all,

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A hot welcome to the Blog Tour for Sin Shot by Raine Miller! A sexy and swoony book (currently at 70% of the book) and I am delighted I am part of the tour!

I had the chance to read this superadorable and hot book and I am delighted to share my 4.5 starred review with you all. But that is not all, I also got a sweet excerpt, some cute teasers, and of course information on book/author.

Let’s get this tour started~

I received this sexy book for a Blog Tour. My opinions are my own and not influenced because I got this book for free.

I was just absolutely delighted when I got the chance to read this book, I haven’t read Vegas Crush #1 yet, but after this one? I am sure will see if I can get it for my Kindle very soon. I want to read how Holly and Evan got together.

In this book our MCs are Georg, a sexy defensive line guy with tons of muscle, and Pam, a sweet girl with a dark past who works at Crush as a physical therapist (yep, she gets to massage and touch tons of hot dudes). These two apparently already met in the previous book we get quite a few reminders of that through the book. On the one hand I was happy that we got those reminders as it gave me a better view on the characters, on the other hand it made me feel like I missed something/missed out. Which is another reason why I want to read book 1.
Georg is a tough guy but I loved him from the start. Yes, I wasn’t approving of his drinking, but he shows great promise from the start and I was cheering for him to improve several things in his life. He wants to eat better, drink less (or not at all), exercise more. And sure, it doesn’t always go well as he tends to go to the bottle if things go wrong, but I could see he was trying. I loved reading about him playing on the ice/field and see how he fought hard for his team. Defending, being a duo with Evan, then there was Victor and how that all ended. And I am normally not a fan of hockey or any sports. But in this one I was eagerly waiting for the matches to happen.
Pamela is a sweet girl who has her first job and it is at Crush! She massages the guys, helps them out with physical therapy, makes plans for them if they are injured or need more help. She is a great addition.
Learning of her past, oh boy. Normally I wouldn’t read a book featuring that, but I didn’t know, and luckily it is only mentioned very little, and I could skip most of it. I just can’t read books featuring that. I feel very uncomfortable reading it, not sure how to otherwise explain it. Hope it makes sense.

I was a bit frustrated with their romance though, at least in the beginning. They both wanted the other but they kept going on and on how the other wouldn’t be interested or talk about the job and how that may get in the way (which I can understand but still argh) or talk how the other would have gone for it if they really wanted them. I was just shaking my Kindle and telling these two to just go for it. That they are both thinking it and that they want each other equally.
But the romance picks up eventually and WOW those sex scenes are steamy and graphic. I am still not entirely feeling comfortable reading them (mostly to do with that it is something so intimate and I feel like a voyeur reading about these things), but I am getting more and more used to it and I feel less embarrassed reading them.
I loved how Georg acted when he learned of Pamela’s virginity, how he took his sweet time, waited until she was really ready (which didn’t take too long, but that may have been just a feeling we do know that time passes). He was truly sweet and respected her wishes and also made sure that she was comfortable the entire time.

Of course, as I had expected though it was something totally different from what I had expected, things go dramatic and I was just groaning in frustration. However, I could also understand why Pamela did what she did. Why she decided on that. It made me happy to see things go back to OK and all she did for Georg. Holy, that is just so sweet. I was in tears during that one big moment and then later on some more.

I was delighted with the epilogue and can I just say I am happy with that the author didn’t end it on that note. Pregnancy While it would be nice, it just wouldn’t fit, in my opinion. Too soon, too fast.

Of course I also loved Holly and Evan and reading about them, seeing them be freaking adorable together. Their cute little baby and Holly carried that little one around so she could work. Aww!

All in all, I had so much fun reading this one. It was cute, swoony, sexy, and oh my so hot at times. Recommended to all!

“There’s a lot more to me than what I’ve let on in the public eye.”
—Georg Kolochev, VEGAS CRUSH

No, I don’t drink vodka straight from the bottle. I don’t pour it over my breakfast cereal either. I am not in need of an intervention…unless it involves me and a certain blonde bombshell alone in a room with a locking door.

I’ve done my fair share of partying, I’ll admit. And yes. I’ve built up something of a reputation with the ladies when not on the ice. That’s on me for being careless with my posts on social. And I do know what’s most important in my life.

Two things.
Hockey and Pamela Jenson. My favorite physical therapist needs me so much more than she knows.

Because I am the guy delivering her SIN SHOT. Yeah, you heard me, I’m her first.
Sinning with Pam has never felt so good..

*SIN SHOT is book two in the VEGAS CRUSH hockey series. Standalone, sports romance.

add-to-goodreads-button31Buy the book here: Amazon

About the author:

Brit DeMille is Raine’s alter-ego in case you didn’t know.
And she is having an absolute blast writing books that are a little bit different from what Raine usually writes. Brit loves stories about sexy billionaires [millionaires make the cut too] who fall in instalove with young women who may or may not be virgins, and then go on to make adorable babies together. In addition to the billionaires, hot hockey players are at the top of her list of favorite heroes, along with royals and ex-military bodyguards.
The most important thing to Brit when she writes a story is a happily ever after. But during the actual writing of the story, the most important thing to Brit is a cup of hot tea with a splash of milk, and a stash of cherry Jolly Ranchers. A dog or two will likely be in between Brit and the chair at any given moment, which is very handy, because they are the ones who approve everything she writes.

Find her here:  

Excerpt time.

I bring up Georg’s number and before I can talk myself out of it, I press the green call button.

“Hello, Pamela,” he answers on the second ring in that sexy Russian-accented voice of his.

“Hi…I wanted to call and check in after the game. You played super hard, and I thought I’d ask if you wanted to do some therapeutic stretching tomorrow.”

His lengthy pause reminds me why I was an impulsive idiot for calling him.

“You called me at midnight to ask me if I want to do some therapeutic stretching tomorrow?” I can hear the amusement in his tone.

“Well, I…” I’m at a loss for words. A rarity, I know. He chuckles softly into my ear.

“I’m so sorry. God, I didn’t realize how late it was. I’ll catch you at the arena, whenever you want to stop in.”

I hear music in the background. Georg says something but it’s muffled. I realize he must be out partying. Maybe Kacey King is out with him.

“I’ll let you go,” I say, feeling stupid. “I’m sorry to bother you.”

“No, no.” His voice is insistent. “It’s good hearing your voice.”

It is? “Yeah, you too,” I answer after a second. I feel so pathetically stupid. Why on earth did I call him?

“I’ll come see you sometime tomorrow. We don’t practice, so it will probably be after lunch. Will you be there?”

“Yes, I’ll be working tomorrow,” I answer quickly, my heartbeat speeding up at the thought of seeing him so soon.

“Good. Good. Then I guess I should take you up on your offer for some therapeutic stretching, Pamela.”

Oh—my—God. He sees right through me. I realize I need to get off the phone before I say or offer him anything worse. And it will happen…because I turn utterly stupid when I’m around him.

“Night-night, Georg.”

I hope I sound like my confident self, but I can’t tell anymore with him. Georg affects me differently than all other guys before him.

There’s a long pause. So long that I almost think he’s hung up. But then he murmurs, “I love hearing my name on your lips.”

“I…” At a loss, I have no idea what to say to that comment. He has to be drunk, right?

“Good night, Pamela.”

And then he hangs up.

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