Book Haul June 2019

Book Haul June 2019

Hi all,

Bye bye June, thank you for an amazing month! Here are my books I bought/got this month~

A busy month, that is what June was. The last preparations to my wedding on the 22nd, still finding a routine in the house (it is much bigger than my apartment before this so there is plenty of cleaning), and also tons of fun things. This month almost all the books were pre-orders, two other books on the stack were books I won. Oh, and be prepared for next month (July), my budget was finally big enough again to buy a nice stack of books.

Circus op stelten by Mathilda Masters, Georgien Overwater
Superjuffie en het apencircus by Janneke Schotveld, Annet Schaap
Wanhoop by Eva Burgers
Julius Zebra Joke Book Jamboree by Garth Northfield
Ik wil met je mee! by Jill Mansell
The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen
Glitch by Sarah Graley

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