Library Haul 15-6-2019

Library Haul 15-6-2019

Hi everyone!

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Happy weekend and welcome to a new Library #2 haul! Warning tons of books! And I am keeping the post short + the book list will come later due to plans in about an hour time (and I got plenty to do before that). But I wanted to share this AMAZING haul with you all. Eep!

Next week is the wedding so I won’t be visiting any libraries then so I needed plenty of books to tide me over the coming weeks. I had 9 reservations waiting and also several reservations made that still weren’t getting fulfilled even after 8 days. I decided to hunt for these first, and in the end, with one exception, I found all the books I had as reservations and that should just be in the library. Funnily, most came from the new releases table which is located just a metre from a librarian desk/help desk part. sighs

After that I had fun walking around the library and grabbing books left and right. As you can see 3 books by Margje Woodrow, I decided to give her old books a try, or in one case a re-read.

Stats: 25 books. 5 picture books, 2 non-fiction, 1 comic, 17 fiction.

NOTE: Quite a few of these aren’t on Goodreads or have the right edition, I will be adding the books and editions to Goodreads as I read.

De executie by Daniëlle Bakhuis
De vuurcirkel by Thea Stilton
Sterren in duisternis by Thea Stilton
De pioenenkoningin by Thea Stilton
Chaotische Goden 1 by Maz Evers
Het konijn op de maan by Paul Mennes
Geraakt by Margje Woodrow
Examendeal by Margje Woodrow
Snitch by Margje Woodrow
Dit is hoe het ging by Astrid Boonstoppel
De meester is er klaar voor by Frank Geleyn, Annelies vandenbosch
Kameel weet het zeker by Lenneke Westera, Peter-Paul Rauwerda
Dokters 3 by Bélom, Sirvent
Poes gaat op jacht by Marijke Rondelez
Mijn vriendje bang by Francesca Sanna
Katten sparen by Lorna Scobie
Bleke Anton by Steffen Gumpert
50 gekke vragen over dinosaurussen by Romain Amot
De Hugo’s in het getal geen by Oliver Jeffers
Het Dyslexie Boek by ?
Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Chaos United by Gerard van Gemert, Rudi Jonker
Hannes Hunebed: Gaan met die shamaan! by Aaron Reynold, Phil McAndrew
Zo doen we dat hier by Martje van der Brug
De schuilplaats by Johanna Reiss

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