Library Haul 27-6-2019

Library Haul 27-6-2019

Hi all!!

Welcome to a brand-new Library #1 haul! Finally I had time to grab my bicycle and visit Library #1’s city again. I was longing for new Library #1 books as I had pretty much read (or tried) them all.

I walked in, and hoped that I would find a nice pile of books to bring home with me. I didn’t have any luck at both of the new tables, so I started to worry just a bit. But then I went through their English children’s books and I found a bunch of new English books. Including the newest Holly Smale which I also reserved at Library #2 in Dutch as I really wanted to read it and wasn’t sure if anyone would ever have it in English here. Guess on Saturday I can grab my reservation and then bring it back immediately. 😛 Also delighted with the newest Magic Misfits, it was in my previous Library #1 haul that I got book 1 and I had tons of fun reading it. I thought it may take a couple of months or longer before I would get my hands on the next book.

I am definitely happy that Library #1 is stepping up their game with English books, or at least YA/Children’s books. I know a couple of years before it wasn’t easy to find a lot of English books here (and it is still an issue at most libraries in my country), I even participated in a discussion group to talk about it back then. It makes me happy that they listened to us and that they are trying their best to add new English books. Of course, I can imagine why it isn’t their main thing to add, Dutch is the official/main language here and they want to add mostly Dutch books that is what most people will be reading. Not to mention that they apparently don’t have a too big of a budget (at least that is what they said back a few years ago, maybe it changed).

But it does make visiting Library #1 more fun. Knowing that there may be new English books to bring home with me.

Stats; 7 books. All fiction.

The Ghost Tower by Gillian Cross
The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi
The Steam Whistle Theatre Company by Vivian French
Magic Misfits: The Second Story by Neil Patrick Harris
Happy Girl Lucky by Holly Smale
The Midnight Hour by Benjamin Read, Larua Trinder
Hartenstorm by Annette Herzog, Katrine Clante, Rasmus Bergnhoi

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