Library Haul 29-6-2019

Library Haul 29-6-2019

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Welcome to a new Library #2 haul! So excited to visit again, and this time I decided to buy a shopping trolley (is that the right word for it?) because carrying so many books to the library and then back to the car was a bit too much. Now I can just roll the trolley behind me while it is filled to the brim with books. I love that I can bring back more books, but that trolley is now a real necessity. Even my husband doesn’t want to carry the books any more. 😛

I had 8 reservations waiting, though 1 I could bring back immediately (the Happy Girl Lucky one which I got in English at Library #1 on Thursday). I was also very excited that Hoe Voed Ik Mijn Ouders was finally found and was now waiting for me. Plus, I had spotted some new books online that I wanted to check out before deciding on bringing them home.

Also this was the first weekend since we moved that I could just chill and browse without worrying about the time. The previous weekends that we went meant that we had appointments or other things happening and couldn’t stay long. And we all know how us bookworms are, we forget all time and space when in the presence of books.

I had tons of fun walking through the library and found plenty of books. I can’t wait to start reading them, eep!!

Stats; 18 books. 9 picture books, 2 comics, 2 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

NOTE: Most of these are not on Goodreads, I will add them when I read them.

De mooiste netwerkwandelingen: Delfland en Haaglanden by Noes Lautier, Menno Zeeman, Vladimir Mars
Ninja Kid 2 by Anh Do, Jeremy Ley
Secret FC by Tom Palmer
Doeltrappers: het raadsel van de slapende scheidsrechter by Roberto Santiago
Handboek voor vaders – hoe te overleven in de jungle van het vaderschap by Beau van Erven Dorens
Hoe voed ik mijn ouders op? by Stine Jensen, Frank Meester
Wat je moet doen als je over een nijlpaard struikelt by Edward van de Vendel, Martijn van der Linden
Moomin and the Moonlight Adventure by Tove Jansson
Mijn buren by Guido van Genechten, Sylvie Park
Mag draakje mee naar school? by Tine Robbe
Petra by Marianna Coppo
The Nowhere Box by Sam Zuppardi
Rabbids 3 by Thitaume, Romain Pujol
Rabbids 4 by Thitaume, Romain Pujol
Mary Had a Little Lab by Sue Fliess, Petros Bouloubasis
Overdag is hij een krokodil by Giovanna Zoboli, Mariachiara Di Giorgio
Bij mij thuis by Somia Bakali, Ann de Bode
Ik verzamel OPA’S by Tom Wouters, Julie Vangeel

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