Library Haul 5-6-2019

Library Haul 5-6-2019

Hi all!

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Welcome to a brand-new Library #2 haul! Yep, I had some time and I felt OK enough to visit Library #2. Normally I would go on Saturdays with my fiance, but we have been so busy lately and we won’t have time to go until next week. Since I had two reservations waiting for me (including one I was too late for) + a big hunger for new books, I decided to hop in a bus and go myself. When I had time. Which is today! Yay!

I couldn’t bring all my books with me (28 of them) as I had to carry them myself. I split up my books in two stacks and brought one of those with me. 😛 That way at least part of the books would be brought back and we wouldn’t have to bring tons of books with us the next time we went together.

It was quite relaxing to be in the library alone. I love my fiance, but I often feel like I have to hurry through the library or he will get bored. This time I could just browse and browse and browse! Take my time, flip through some books, discover new spots in the library to find books.

My haul was pretty dang nice and my book trolley got more and more full as time progressed. In the end I had a nice stack and I can’t wait to dig in and read.

Stats; 13 books. 3 picture books, 1 non-fiction, 1 graphic novel, 8 fiction.

NOTE: A few of the books aren’t on Goodreads, I will be adding them as I read them.

Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
Havo is geen optie by Martje van der Burg
Jij en ik, ik en jij by Tanco
What Monster? by Liz Pichon
De magische apotheek by Anne Ruhe
De Rats-Flats-X-Weg by Salah Naou
De gezondste opa van Europa by Erna Sassen, William Cortvriendt
Grootouders by Marga Schiet
Meiden schieten raak by Vivian den Hollander
Cooc of het kleine zwarte jurkje by Annemarie van Haeringen
Woesssj! by Louise Greig
Dierentuin met vlinders by Frank Geleyn, Isabelle Geeraerts
Capa: De vallende ster by Floretn Silloray

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