Review for Baby Before Business: Harlequin Manga

Review for Baby Before Business: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Just 2 more Harlequin manga to go, this one and another one. I am kind of sad it is over again, but also kind of happy I am finally through that batch. And yes, I know I could probably just request less, but so many seemed interesting and I don’t want to miss them. 🙂

In this one we have a guy who has a terrible image, a PR girl who wants to fix that, gets fired, then there is a baby and suddenly he wants her back and will accept anything she wants… Mm, sounds good to me. At least this isn’t her baby that makes me happy already, I am kind of done with stories of magical pregnancies.

Wow, I had expected a bigger plan, but he just ragequits over him having to donate money for a playground? WTF?

Also lol at that lawyer who just pushes the baby unto our horrible boss and then walks away. Oh hey, here is your cousin’s kid, she left her to you, good luck, byeeeeeeeeeeee.

I loved how our girl just picked up the baby, fed it, and made it fall asleep. Damn, those are some skills. Plus, she got her job back + another one. Two for the price of one. Though did he have to burn her to the ground with that sentence? “No problem. You’re not my type, anyway. You’re too young and diligent. I prefer more sophisticated women.”

“I thought a babysitter would do anything for the baby.” Um. Yes, for the baby, that doesn’t mean assembling all your furniture a baby needs. Where do you want her to put the baby? On the floor? Such a tiny little thing? And he is unhappy with her not being able to eat out. Hello, someone has to take care of the tiny thing and believe me, you generally don’t want to bring a baby to your type of restaurants.

Um, you kissed her? But then you accuse her of seducing you? Because she kisses you back? Whut? Ever heard of self-restraint and that she may have been shocked by the sudden kiss? Maybe you should learn about it before you tell women it is their fault. I want to kick the dude so hard now. I get that he probably had a booboo past, but come on, no need to put your frustrations to someone who is just there to help you out. 😐

Dude, your expectations are a bit too high. She is human, not a robot. Babies take a lot of time and care, especially when they are not used to their new environment. Step up your game and stop being such a dick.

Wow, that dude is such a dick. He keeps kissing her but then gets angry at her or just walks away.

Urgh, and then suddenly everything is hunkydory while I didn’t feel like anything is actually resolved. Yay for the sex scene, but boo because I just don’t feel the spark or the love. And he totally makes it bleh the next day. That guy just has zero tact.

Of course she decides on that, I would have done it to. I am kind of glad how he went after her, but for me it was just still meh. shrug I should root for this couple but I just can’t. And now we get a sob story and we are all supposed to go aww, and how sad, and oh no. But really? It is just too late for me. We only got 13 pages left, and yeah. It just not working out for me. I am happy with the ending, good for them, but again, no connection with this couple at all. Maybe if they had done this confession like on page 60, in the mid of the book, it would have been right. Now it just felt like an afterthought. Oh yes, we need to get this couple together, oh dear, we only have 13 pages left, quick, throw something in.

The art was gorgeous though, really one of my favourite things about this book. But yeah, the relationship just didn’t work out for me, but I do love how our girl was so good with the baby and how despite everything she stuck around for the baby and eventually saw something good in that boss of her.

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