Review for Breath of Flowers, Vol.1

Review for Breath of Flowers, Vol.1

Breath of Flowers, Volume 1, Green cover, Two girls, Comic/Graphic Novel, Cute, CalyI received this comic/graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this gorgeous looked manga-style comic on Netgalley, saw it was LGBT, and I just couldn’t resist. Also that cover, which is just beautifully drawn.

This comic is about two girls, Azami and Gwyn. Azami has been in love with Gwyn for a long long time, but the day she wants to talk to Gwyn… she finds out that Gwyn is a girl! Of course the blurb already spoiled that for us, so I knew what was up from the first page. Though I have to say it made Azami’s reaction to BL and yuri even funnier when you know that soon she will be in a girl x girl relationship. I loved it when she realised it herself, yup, you haven’t liked those comics at all, but I am sorry you are in love with Gwyn. Very much so.

Of course, I can understand she was shocked when she found out, wouldn’t we all be when you expect the basketball boy’s team to be full of boys. And not one girl who loves basketball but, given there is no girl team, has to play in the boys team. I did think it was amazing though that no one knew that Gwyn was a girl, or well, the teachers/school nurse etc. know, but the rest of the student body is pretty oblivious. Don’t the guys suspect anything given that Gwyn seems to wait until the last minute to change/maybe even changes somewhere else?

Their first date was just adorable, I loved how Gwyn and Azami had tons of fun, though we also see that Azami is still a bit unsure. She wants her girlfriend to also do some shopping, to also show off cute dresses, and I can totally imagine that she would want that. I was definitely cheering for Azami when she did that, and I am more than happy that they finally had a chat about things, it was necessary. At least in my eyes.

I was a bit stunned that 4 months and several days is how long the relationship between Gwyn and Azami was, it just never felt like that. For me it felt more like they have been together for maybe a week, maybe 2 or 3 weeks. Not more than that. So that was a tiny issue for me, I was really surprised when Gwyn told Judith (I believe that is her name) that. And that we missed a couple of kisses, argh!

But the drama that inevitably happens, really the drama was just so cringe. I am sorry but I just don’t get why people immediately go jealous. OH NO SOMEONE is talking to my girlfriend. OH NO, they are getting close. OH NO. rolls her eyes to the heavensInstead of just going to Gwyn and asking about it, or maybe talking to the girl in a normal way, or maybe hey, people just get close at times and that is totally fine, people are allowed to have other friends, the girl just assumes, assumes, and more of that. Drama that just felt very unnecessary.

But I am glad that they finally had the big talk they should have had sooner. Again apparently some time has passed, but again it doesn’t feel like it ever does. Weirdly. I did think, as I said above, that Azami was a bit too dramatic. OMG, my girl is talking to someone else, someone else is helping my girl…. yes, so? I also talk to other people at times when things don’t go well with me, my husband (still feels weird to say this, but then again it’s only been 4 days since we married) wouldn’t mind. Eventually I would also go to him, of course, but sometimes I just need someone else to also confide in and get their opinions. And sometimes I want to try out things without the help or worry of my husband. Is that so strange? No. I love my husband, but I also have other people in my life.

I am still a bit unsure about Judith. Is she truly saying those things because she is interested in Gwyn? Or is she just pushing Azami? Given some things that happen later on, I am starting to become less of a fan of Judith. She knows that Gwyn and Azami will be further apart the coming year, and while I do think it is sweet of her to arrange that, I also thought it was a bit too much.

I did love when Azami and Gwyn meet up again for a weekend, just after their school has their summer vacation. Azami’s reaction to Gwyn’s: “Oh hey my parents aren’t going to be around.”, was adorable! Their date was adorable, go go Gwyn.

I am guessing next volume will go on about the summer vacation, and hopefully also some after parts, I am curious to see how this couple will do when they have to do long distance. I am sure they can work it out, but they really need to keep talking about things.

The art was just absolutely stunning, I love it oh so much. The style is just adorable, the character designs are just great.

All in all, I had tons of fun reading it. There are great sweet romantic moments, but I also love how Gwyn’s character gets developed. How she wants to be herself again, and not have to hide as a boy all the time. The relationship is a bit wobbly, I do hope in the next volume they will talk more often when something bothers one of them. But I am definitely rooting for these two, they make a very sweet couple.

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