Review for Expecting the Fellani Heir: Harlequin Manga

Review for Expecting the Fellani Heir: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This cover is just so amazing, I love the soft colours and the characters are just gorgeously drawn. Plus, I want those flowers in my hair when I get married next week. heart eyes The blurb is a bit, whut? Hold on. Eh? But I am also curious to see how it will play out. Poor guy though that his wife cheated on him. 😐

I do like that our girl works at a law firm and that, coincidentally, she will meet the man of her dreams here. Yes, I will call it that as we all know that Harlequin Manga ends on a happy note. Generally marriage and plenty of kids.

That image before the story truly starts is just gorgeous. I am not entirely sure what is going on in the background it seems they tried to blend in all the Italian stuff they could think of. 😛

His reaction was so not what I expected. I had expected him to cry or get in a rage, but instead he just gets gloomy and is blaming himself.

Aww, we learn why she is taking this whole thing so to heart, more than the guy even it seems. She was betrayed before. 🙁 Oh, and of course her parents have divorced. Sorry for that casual oh, but it seems to be something to Harlequin. So often these people don’t have happy families.

Lol, I had to scroll back as I thought she had blond hair. But no, she is a light brunette. As for a sexy body? Girl, you got one.

Awww, boo, that is a first. That we don’t see the sexy scenes. And I am sure there were plenty given how things ended. I wanted to see them get steamy. sighs OH GOOD GRIEF. I thought that maybe she would be pregnant after a while, but NOOOOOOO, Harlequin trope incoming. One night stand pregnancy. Because apparently condoms in this world are of terrible quality. I know that pregnancy can happen even with all the prevention in the world, but still this was just dumb. Can we just kill this trope already? Plus, again it was way too convenient.

And again the guy asks the girl to marry him. Um, can’t you just first get to know each other. I know she has your child, but marriage instantly? And of course he thinks that she came here for that, no dude she came to tell you about the pregnancy.

I do think it is sweet that he invited her and that they had plenty of talk about the pregnancy, about family, childhood, and anything else. He is really eager to start a relationship and it is just fantastic to see how much he does for her.

Aww, he even tricked her with that coin tossing. “Well I want to marry you no matter what. I’ll even depend on Neptune’s divine protection if I have to.”

I loved seeing them in Rome. Still one of the cities I would love to visit one day. dreams

Why would anyone go to a clown cafe? NOPPPPEE ><

Teehee, he is finally figuring out that he won’t get the girl by giving her expensive stuff. Oh no, the way to heart is filled with simple things. Like the photograph of her grandma.

Lol, she was all tsundere about him, but when she is without him for a little while she keeps thinking of him. Even hoping to see him.

Did she get engaged? No, someone just gave her a ring for jokes. Of course she got engaged. rolls eyes

Of course the drama starts, and while I can understand her concerns I wished she would just look at how happy she makes Leonizio. How he smiles when he is with her, how relax he is, how he tries to make her life happy. And yes, sure he was startled and unhappy to see his wife, but hello, he has been with her for a while, it is only natural that those feelings don’t disappear within a short time. He will probably always love her in a way.

“We’re both single.” Um, on the contrary, you got engaged. That is not being single any more..
Plus, I did think it was a bit too much for her to appear all of the sudden.

Hello, he has a job, business etc.. What do you want him to do? Stay with your 24/7, you also got a job. Yes, he said he won’t leave, but if something comes up, what do you want him to do? Cancel an important deal?

Also I did think it was ridiculous that she was bleh about him not touching her. Hello, you have been puking so much, you get sick from everything, he is just worried that too much moving will make you sick. Or do something to the baby. rolls eyes

This is just getting stupid and ridiculous. Ellie is just the worst, I am sorry to say this, but it is true. She believes someone who has cheated on the man she loves over the man she loves. If that makes sense. 😛 I don’t get this… sighs

And look all that drama is totally unnecessary, this guy just came from his work to see you because you tried to call him and left a message. That is true love there. Plus, he got you the best doctors.

OMG OMG OMG. I was just crying at this point. That was just beautiful, but also oh no, and also wow, and also oh please let it all be all right, and then there was the wedding. So for a whole lot of pages I have been crying nonstop. That was beautiful and it made reading this all worth it.

So in conclusion I had some issues with this one especially with Ellie and how she acted towards Leonizio. I wish she had talked to him honestly on how she felt earlier on. But they had a spark and I was just rooting for the two to find each other and be together. The ending broke my heart in more than one way. The art was just fabulous. So in conclusion I will still be rating this a 3.5 stars. And warn everyone to bring tissues. Or maybe it is just me pre-wedding stress emotions.

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