Review for Forest Club: A Year of Activities, Crafts, and Exploring Nature

Review for Forest Club: A Year of Activities, Crafts, and Exploring Nature

Forest Club: A Year of Activities, Crafts, and Exploring Nature, Kris Hirschmann, Marta Antelo, Green, Kids exploring nature, Non-fiction, Children's books, Illustrations, ActivitiesI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I always have soft spot for these nature + activity books. I know that back when I was a kid I was very adventurous, always looking for something and these books would have been perfect for me when I was a kid.

This book lists all sorts of things you can encounter in nature. From forests and leaves to creepy crawlers (I know the book calls them mini-beasts, but I am just not a fan of insects, just a few are on my list of I wouldn’t mind getting close to these) to day/night viewings, seasons and plenty of more. It is a delightful and fun book, and I was eager to flip (or well scroll as I had an ebook) the pages to find out what kind of things would be on the next page.

Between each nugget of information there are fun activities to try out that fit with the information you just learned. Often by using materials found or seen around you. Some are fairly easy, some are a bit harder. I loved the variety in the activities, you got some ones that require you to do a lot, some that require some thinking, but there are also ones that are relaxing like the meditating or drinking a hot drink. Quite a few of the activities are ones I already know, but I also found a few new ones.

I am pretty sure that wasps will just murder you if you touch their nest, or even come close. Sorry, but I don’t believe that wasps may sting you, they will sting you. Wasps are evil little insert some not so nice words. My fiance for example was just outside to have a bit of a walk after eating lunch and there was nothing he did (nor any nests nearby) but he got stung pretty badly by a wasp. Multiple times. Until he killed the little insert some more words And that is just one example. I can give other examples. Wasps are just evil.

Big plus points to the fact that this book is accessible for people all over the world. I have read plenty of English books about nature/animals which mainly focus on the US. So it pleases me when I find a nature book that can be used wherever you are. <3

I love how the book mixes illustrations with photographs. That is always a big plus in my book, especially when it is done as well as it is in this book. The illustrations are also very fun (and also cute) and they fit perfectly with the book.

At the end there is a note for parents/teachers, what equipment is handy to have with you, clothing advice, and some sites to check out.

All in all, a book I would highly recommend. I had tons of fun reading it and I am going to try out some of the activities.

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