Review for Fushigi no Kuni no Bird Vol.2

Review for Fushigi no Kuni no Bird Vol.2

The journey continues, we meet new people, new places, and see Henrietta get used to some of the customs and going-ons of the people, though not all of them.

The story continues where we left Henrietta the previous time. Namely in the inn with her new favourite girl, Oharu. You know the girl who recently became an adult and is now doing even more for the inn. She is dedicated helping Henrietta and I just adored seeing how she gathered people and books to help Henrietta find the road she wants to take. Of course, Henrietta needs help with reading all the materials as her Japanese is zero, though I do love that she is trying to figure out the meaning of the readings on her own as well. We see her study the art and the language, she is a truly determined lady and I am so happy that we got this kick-ass lady as our guide through old Japan.

Henrietta is experiencing tons of culture shocks and also things that she, as a lady, shouldn’t be doing. Like getting drunk in public, something totally one should never do. At least… where she comes from. In Japan everyone is just drinking openly. But in her country at this age it just isn’t done for a lady. Later on she experiences a hot spring (and all the mixed bathing) and I could imagine her shock. I wasn’t too happy with the reactions of the other people, yes, sure she should just understand that this is how things work in Japan, but she comes from a strict system/strict parenting and that ladies don’t just go naked in front of a crowd. You don’t show your naked body like that. You guys could also show a bit more understanding for her, where she comes from. You want her to accept you, but you should also extend that courtesy to her.
I had a big smile that she did want to try it out after all, it is great that is she is trying out new things and that she dares to go over the boundaries that are set due to parenting and culture.
While it is 2019, I would probably react the same way as Henrietta if someone was washing my underlings (aka underwear). 😛
Also, I had a big laugh when she came across the straw man and um.. a certain part. Same goes for her reaction to the straw woman.

I did think it was hilarious that she was confused for a male and then misgenders a kid herself.

We also see her try to help people, though finding out that maybe it is a too big of a task for one woman. But she does try, and some of the tips would really help out the people there.

I can imagine that she is worried about her passport, without it she cannot travel. I wonder how that thing has survived so long given all it went through. But now it is extra protected, and I do hope that nothing happens to it as some kind of plot device, I can already see it coming. Sorry, read too many manga and seen too many anime with that kind of thing happening.

There were tons of gorgeous images/backgrounds and I was just soaking it up. Yes, the facial expressions are still a bit awkward, but in overall it seemed better than the previous book.

All in all, I need more of this series. I want to see what kind of things she will discover, and how much more things she will experience that will have her step out of her comfort/culture zone. Plus, I want to see her interpreter and her get closer. But not romantically. Oh no. Please no. Romance would ruin things. Just as friends, as two people who are curious about the world and want to share that knowledge.

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