Review for His Brother’s Wife: Harlequin Manga

Review for His Brother’s Wife: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, 3 more Harlequin Manga to go before I am finished with the latest batch! It has been quite a ride with some good stories and some absolutely horrendous ones. I was very curious about this one as it sounded really sweet (but also tragic). A girl who lost her husband and is falling in love again with his brother who was her first love. I am curious about the accident, what happened did she have something do with it? Oh my.

Follow me as I read this story~

Oh wow, Harlequin romance indeed. So she falls in love with one brother, gets dumped, elopes with the other brother and then he dies in an accident. How?
I did think it was hilarious that she just walked into the home like that. Yes, the door is open, that doesn’t mean you can just enter the house. 😛
And this guy just steps out of the bathroom just wearing a towel. “I’m sorry for just walking in. I tried calling out for you many times, but I guess you were in the shower?” No girl, there was a sudden rain fall in the home that is why he is wet and naked.

Aww, that is very nice of him to help her out. already liking this guy a bit

We get his POV on how he met Johanna en what went on that night and we also find out a bit about why he dumped her so soon. Oh my!

Their first lunch/dinner and I am happy they had the chance to talk about the situation, but we also learn about the accident and we see Johanna completely block off anything. Mmm, curious. Did she have something to do with it? It doesn’t seem likely, but given her reactions…. Or maybe someone she knows? That seems more likely. is curious

Awkward! I get that you want to know, but maybe now, right before bed, is not the time to ask about how she feels about Jeff/why she married him.

Aww, a shopping trip! They bought a lot, then again she only had like a bit of underwear and a shirt… Though him buying the negligee may have been a bit over the top. But we all know what our guy wants. Yup, his first love back.

ARghhhh, so close! So close! It was such a good moment, but I guess it was just too soon.

We see her pick up life again. Cleaning up, going to university, working at the company, but all the while I was just rooting for these two to connect again. They are clearly both in love and they should just go for it. I get that guilt is between them, but I do hope they can overcome it.

Haha, I knew it. That sofa is that! Brilliant that he kept it. Kind of creepy maybe, but also awesome. I was a bit sad that yet another moment was ruined and that things seem to go so well and then collapse. We only got like 40 pages left, please give me some romance! Yes, I am also happy with the pacing they don’t immediately go for it, which is nice, but I want more now. 😛

Whoop, revelation time. We finally find out why Johanne married Jeff (and later on we find out more about their marriage and why it didn’t work out). With the business dinner there are more feelings exposed, can I just say that I really liked Donna Sue. A woman of my heart. She knows what she has to say.

Oh my, that is why she feels so guilty about the accident. Poor thing. 🙁

Then the walls are finally down and we are on the highway to the happy ending. And yes, I was crying. I am very emotional with the wedding just a few days away. The sex scene was lovely and I loved how sweet and tender it was.

Teehee, Donna Sue telling her husband that he shouldn’t have bothered our couple, she knew right away what those two were doing in their suite. 😛 I had a laugh at their encouraging signs when they walked away. Teehee. Perfect ending!

I really enjoyed this one. Two lovers finally have another chance at loving each other. Finally they can be together. They just need to break down some walls, come to terms with what has happened, and then reconnect. It was well paced and while I wanted more romance I am still happy nothing was rushed. Now the kisses and the sweet moments were well worth the wait and made it all better. The ending was just sweet and I also loved the art!

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