Review for Life of Melody

Review for Life of Melody

Two magical beings (fairy and one of the troll variant) find a baby, decide to raise it both as they don’t want the other to do it, have arguments, find jobs, fall in love. There is tons of cuteness, fun, magic. Plus fantastic art! Highly recommended.

I came across this one when I saw a Kickstarter for it. I was instantly in love with the gorgeous cover and art and then fell in love further with blurb. Yep, I had to back this one. And boy, I was super excited when the package arrived with the book and other fun extras. I immediately went to read it and loved every page of it. I am so glad I took the plunge and backed this gem.

I have been trying to write a review for 9 days now, but I just can’t get the words out. I do want to try, but I think instead of what I normally do I will just list what I liked!

-The art! It was just gorgeous and fun. I loved the character designs and also the backgrounds were so pretty. The art really sucked me into the story. I just could see me there with our duo and their tiny little protege.
-Bon/Lancelot. By far my favourite character. He was soft and sweet but he was also strong and didn’t back away from something. He wasn’t planning on raising the kid, but he got attached. Plus, it may have to do with him not trusting a certain fairy with the kid. 😛 I loved seeing him in both his furry form and his human form. I was delighted to see how good he was with kids. He is a natural at handling them and I just laughed seeing all those kids hang on to him in various ways like he was a playground equipment.
-The story as to how these two got together and why the fairy is so dedicated to the cause. There is a whole why and it all escalates near to the middle/end of the book.
-I had a laugh at them figuring out a name and finding out that they didn’t even have a name for her yet. They had a big book full of names but weren’t happy with any of them. Despite that they aren’t always happy with each other it was just adorable on how they got a name.
-Seeing what job (and later jobs) our fairy got. He definitely didn’t fit with his first job though, he doesn’t seem to know the meaning of silence. 😉
-The arguments were a bit annoying at times, but I did feel they fit with the book perfectly. How to explain this better, mm, I felt like it brought forth a ton of character growth. Both of them weren’t too happy with the situation and both of them had to live together one way or another if they wanted to raise the tiny bundle of love they had found, yes they argued and at times it seemed they didn’t get closer, but in fact they did! With arguing and discussing they found out more about the other.
-Of course I could see that quite soon these two were going from two bickering people to something else. I had started shipping them early on in some of their sweet moments together but with the story developing I shipped them even more. I was curious to see how long it would take both of them to figure out their feelings. I had such a laugh at when Bon/Lancelot figured it out (though it took someone else telling him) and his reactions to it.
-There were a couple of romantic moments and I was just swooning.
-It was great fun seeing Melody grow up. See her start as a tiny bundle and then start walking and discovering the world. I loved how Bon/Lancelot often had the first scoop on something happening, like when Razzmatazz thought Melody wasn’t talking yet, and then Bon/Lancelot to him and Melody showed him.
-I loved how the community of the town they were living close by just accepted them so easily. They made some fabulous friends.
-The ending was very exciting, though also a dash of sad. I was happy with everything ended though, holy wow, that was just supersweet and fabulous.
-Razzmatazz wasn’t always a favourite of mine, I found him annoying and frustrating, but he also showed a sweet side and I was hoping to see more of it. As the story continued we saw more of that sweet side.

So as you can see, I enjoyed this book. I would highly recommend it to everyone looking for a sweet LGBT fantasy story.

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