Review for Mommy Zombie Apocalypse

Review for Mommy Zombie Apocalypse

I received this book from BookSirens in exchange of an honest review.

My very first ARC from BookSirens and it is a zombie (or is it mombie) book! The cover made me very curious and I just loved the blurb. I am always looking for a great zombie book, though I generally don’t sleep well after reading them. 😛 Worth it!

This is my first Bethany Jackson, or Jackson for her friends, book but it was no problem that I didn’t read the first one. Yes, there is a bit of confusion as their first adventure sounds way over the top just like this one, but there is also information bits here and there when things get mentioned that reference to that adventure. Though I wonder what the Agency is? I guess for that we will have to read the first book.

In this one something is turning mommies to mombies. The book starts with a delightfully disgusting scene in which one of those mombies is eating the neighbour’s cat. Yum? It was a perfect start to this book, it set the tone right. After that we hop over to the next day and to our protagonist Bethany Jackson. Though really, don’t call her Bethany, or Bee. She doesn’t like that.

We see things go from strange to stranger and from OMG to watch out for those mombies. I am not sure why it only seems to hit the moms and not the kids. The kids do get sick, but I have yet to see one that is a zombie. I had a big suspicion on why the moms were turning though, I won’t spoil anything. It is quite an interesting way to create zombies. And the solution to fixing the zombies? Well… that one was hilarious and I loved it. How creative. Though I can imagine that the mombies aren’t so happy with it.

Next to zombies we also have another subject popping up, namely Boris Jackson’s mom boyfriend. Who is he? Why is he is acting so suspicious? Is he really Russian? What is he hiding?

The ending, oh my!

There is lots of mombie action, ton of fun moments, and more. I had tons and tons of fun reading this one and I do want to read the next books and the first book as well. I would recommend it to all looking for a fun zombie book with a nice twist and fun characters.

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