Review for Neko ga Nishi Mukya, Vol.1

Review for Neko ga Nishi Mukya, Vol.1

Imagine a world with something called the Flow, a phenomenon that often looks like mist and can change the biggest or tiniest things. Sounds amazing? Well… there are downsides. Luckily there are people who can help out…ish.

I was so happy when I found out that the reason why this manga looks so much like Mushishi is because it is by the artist who also did that one! She has a new one and again with plenty of mystery and magical going-ons and a main lead who is pretty chill/laid-back. Of course I knew right away that I would love this one. Mushishi was just amazing, and I was looking forward to something new that is magical.

In this world there is something called the Flow. It is pretty innocent (at least from what I could gather reading these chapters), though it makes life not that easy. There are various types of it going by what Hirota said in the beginning and what we see in each new case. Flow works in a way like a wish, someone has a strong feeling/thought/wish and if everything connects it may happen that those thoughts/wishes/feelings resonated with the Flow and poof it happens. Like the guy who didn’t want to deliver to yet another apartment building and lo and behold the building disappeared and the grounds turned to the years before the building was there. And sometimes Flow is just there. Like for instance the girl with the mirror, though I do feel like maybe she did make a wish/had a feeling of loneliness to have the Flow do something.
How long something stays changed? Sometimes it is gone in a matter of hours (like with the first one), but sometimes it can take years. Sometimes Flow can be solved by just unravelling thoughts/feelings, other times you just have to wait.

We follow Hirota and Chima as they try to help out people, Hirota is a Flow pro and can pretty precisely tell when a Flow will go, which I found absolutely amazing, and he also tries to calm people down as people are of course not always happy with the situation. Chima is new to the business and wants to work with Hirota. She has a bit of a history, an interesting one even, though I did feel sorry for her. Life mustn’t have been easy for her after that happened. Alongside with them is Shachou, a white cat with a moustache who is always with them on the job. Cats can feel the Flow and tend to go for the spots where it is concentrated the both. This makes him a valuable asset even if Chima was very doubtful about it at first (and who can blame her given how Shachou looks and acts :P).

The cases that we see pass by are interesting, though the mirror one gave me a big headache as it was really trippy. That is all I will say, you will have to read it yourself to find out why.

It was really chill and fun to read this one, it has the same feeling as Mushishi. Soft, fluffy, slice of life, but still with magic and weirdness. I will be continuing with this series.

The art, well just as in Mushishi, it was just fabulous. The mangaka has a wonderful style and I just love how it fits with the story. Though the MC looks quite a bit like Ginko, only younger and a bit more laid-back.

All in all, highly recommended to all.

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