Review for Okaa-san (10-sai) to Boku, Vol.1

Review for Okaa-san (10-sai) to Boku, Vol.1

What would you do if your mom turned 10 years old?

I just couldn’t resist this manga when I read the blurb, in fact I had a good laugh for a couple of minutes. A mom who turns into a child? But stays pretty much the same inside? Oh my.

The story begins when the change has already happened, which I found a bit of a shame, I had loved to see what she did/how it happened. Now there are tons of question marks in that area, which I guess, I admit, do add to the appeal. The story keeps you curious, especially as it is never mentioned how mom changed. Mom is surprisingly OK with the situation it seems. So far in the story I haven’t seen her panic once, and she picks up the pace as if nothing has happened. I would have loved to see a bit more panic/chaos, see her try to adjust to her tiny size, see her ponder if she will get back to normal or if she will always be this size.

I loved how mom was never deterred from doing all her normal things, we see her go shopping or go outside. I guess it is lucky, and maybe a bit of a plot convenience, that mom works from home. She is a translator so she can just stay inside should she choose to do that.

And inside she is just the same. Which brings tons of hilarity and awkward situations as her son, who is now older than her, tries to stop mom from doing most of her mom things as it looks/feels really weird. Just an example, but how does it look to the world when a 10-year old gives an 11-year old a goodbye kiss? He also gets very flustered when mom falls on top of him or when she wants to pop into the bath with him.

I did feel a bit for the boy though. First he has transferred to a new place and new school. His dad is missing/dead (we don’t know what happened to him). And his mom is now tiny/child-sized. It is a lot for an 11/12 year old boy.

The story also has a tsundere girl, one of the girls from our boy’s class. I just didn’t like her. Then again tsunderes are hit and miss with me. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, like in this one, it just doesn’t. I found her too nosy and too annoying.

So, I got tons of questions left. What happened to mom and will she change back? Is dad dead or still around? What will happen if mom stays this size?

The art is really fun and fits with the story perfectly.

All in all, I believe there is one more volume of this, as soon as I can find it I will definitely be reading it. Hopefully we get some answers, and I am very curious about the ending. Will she change back? Will she stay the same?

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