Review for Ollie Oxley and the Ghost: The Search for Lost Gold

Review for Ollie Oxley and the Ghost: The Search for Lost Gold

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Oh my, a lovely ghost story with tons of friendship and fun has appeared! I already was curious about this book and then I finally had the chance to read it when I spotted it on Netgalley.

It took me a bit before I had the chance to read it, but here I am. And I enjoyed it oh so much. With the exception of Aubrey. I didn’t like that girl at all. Bleh.

Meet Ollie, he is the new kid in the town and hopes that this time they settle down for once. His family keeps on moving with each new gig that his mom has. She takes care of theatres, and in this one she is in charge of getting a theatre out of the ground and up again to a profitable business. The town was just so tiny and fun to read about.

Ollie’s new friend? Teddy? Well, he is a ghost. Yep. Ollie doesn’t know this from the start and I had quite a laugh at how he found out and how apparently he was too oblivious to everything to see that his friend was dead. Oh hey, my best friend is only visible by me. Oh hey, he can teleport into trees. Totally normal behaviour, right?
Teddy was at times a tad too much, but still I liked him, and I also felt sorry that he didn’t have any clue who he was any more. Other than his name and some details on his past, he didn’t have any other recollection. He seemed to have a pretty nice life though, he tells Ollie that he at times pops into cinemas to watch new movies. That is one big benefit of being a ghost I guess.

Ollie learns of a treasure thanks to Teddy and he is very eager to get started but it isn’t until something happens that he fully goes for it. Helped by Teddy and also the psychic lady on the other side of the road. They try to figure out all the clues and see if they can find the gold, before it is too late. I already had a small suspicion to where the treasure may be, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be that as it seemed a bit too obvious to be true.

I wasn’t a fan of Aubrey and I frankly couldn’t give a damn about her boohoo home situation. Am I supposed to feel sorry for a bully? No. I have been bullied for years to the point of wanting to quit life, and so I really don’t have any feelings for people who bully. Just because your life at home sucks doesn’t mean you have to throw it out on other people. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I hope people understand why I can’t feel any sympathy for people who ruin other people’s lives.

Next to treasure hunting Ollie is also trying out for student president and I loved that he went for it so much. That he tried all sorts of things and, unlike Aubrey, tried to win fair and square.

There is lots of adventure and fun treasure hunting and I had plenty of fun reading it. Finding out more about the town, about who owns the treasure (which was a surprise to me but does explain a few things), seeing the theatre and I wanted to try out some of those candies that Cook is selling. It seems they are quite delicious. I would recommend this fun book to everyone.

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