Review for Princess Candle – Rôsoku Hime Vol.1

Review for Princess Candle – Rôsoku Hime Vol.1

A beautiful princess is banned to a convict with her servant Flora. Flora LOVES her princess. To the point of WTF. 😛

I spotted this manga and I was thinking it seemed familiar. No wonder, this artist also did Oshiete, Galko-chan! Which is a big favourite of mine, the artist just has that wonderful style of drawing women (though the boobs are silly at times).

I have to say that the start of this one was pretty nice, but then it turned very weird and very wtf am I reading. It starts off with Flora (the servant) preparing in a frantic way the monastery for her dear dear princess. This is an all-girls monastery just in case you were wondering. 😛 The girls aren’t too happy with such a fancy girl coming to live with them, which is kind of logical, though I still wished they were a bit nicer.

The biggest problem in the monastery is Yajenka. She was just a bitch. I am sorry. I just didn’t like her and I don’t understand fully why this girl is in the monastery… oh wait, I guess I can understand. Given her attitude someone must have thought it would be a good idea to have her somewhere far away. She is constantly making remarks about everything and seems to especially have it out for Flora. Constantly berating her, making stupid comments. Near to the end she does something that seems a bit out of place, but on the other hand it did fit with her. I already had a suspicion about it. You know what they say there is a fine line between love and hate.

The princess? I did like her for most of the time. She seems to fit in quite well with the monastery and though she wears her fancy clothes she is trying to fit in even more with the girls. It was a bit silly that she often seemed to pop up when Flora was in trouble. No princess everywhere, and then BOOM princess. All elegant and fancy.

Flora’s obsession with the princess was bordering on creepy. You have love and you have creepy stalking love. Flora is getting awfully close to that. But sure, I was rooting for the princess to notice her. Yes, things got a bit creepy, but still I just loved that look in Flora’s eyes when her princess noticed her.

Flora also needs to calm down instead of jumping up and down and endangering her life all the time.

For quite a bit of the first volume we see our princess try to adapt to life, Flora try to make her life the best she can, and several events in the monastery. But then near to the end things just went south and I was just not sure if I wanted to continue, even though I just had a couple of chapters left. Suddenly there are bandits, there are royals, there is a fight, there is blood, sexual harassment, and I was just not enjoying myself.

There was one chapter that had a ton of nudity as it was time for washing day. Including some younger children I don’t want to see naked. I didn’t mind the older women and was just happy to see so many body shapes. Not just thin, but also bouncy, curvy, thick.

The art was fabulous though. Great variety in women shapes, gorgeous details and backgrounds, beautiful clothes (the princess).

Will I continue this one? No. While this one had good sides, the ending was just wtf and I don’t even want to know how it continues.

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