Review for The Haunted

Review for The Haunted

A girl moves to a new home… only to find out that she and her family aren’t the only ones living there.

This my very first Danielle Vega book that I finished and liked. Wow. I kind of had given up this writer, I have tried all her books (at least the first books if it is a series) and I dropped them all somewhere while reading. But since I was in the mood for a creepy-crawly and spooky book I decided to just try it one more time. One more shot. And I am so glad I did it because this was just wonderful. It had all the right ingredients + a dash of more.

Meet Hendricks (whose name I thought was her surname and not her first name for a bit) a girl who has moved to this new town. She has a past and we slowly find out what has happened, I have to say given how affected she was (+ how the author wrote things) I thought he did WAY more than what he did. Not saying that the things he did were OK or wouldn’t cause trauma, but I had expected um, other things to have happened given how she at times just seemed to lapse into the past again. I hope I don’t kick anyone in the knees with this, I don’t mean this in a bad way, I can probably explain it better in telling someone or writing it in Dutch. It is so hard to find words in English at times or get my thought sorted out in English.
She is eager to start fresh, though it seems that she can’t let go of her past lover yet, though as she tells the reader often it is not that she loves him, she just misses the feeling she had before things went dark and bad. I can understand that.
She settles in and quickly finds a group that takes her under their wing, for which I was so happy. I know how hard it is to make friends, and for her to have them so fast was just wonderful.
However she notices that things are strange in her home. There are sounds that shouldn’t be happening, there are things crawling around, she hears people but there is no one, and there is more. She slowly learns more of the home and what is happening, though it takes her very long before she undertakes action and even longer before she figures out what is happening. What those 3 guys want that are haunted her house, her life.

The haunting was absolutely spooky and creepilicious, at times a tad gruesome. I read this book partially before I went to sleep which wasn’t a good idea. 😛 I got goosebumps every time something happened and every sound in my new home had me up a mile in the air. 😛 I just loved how well the haunting was written. It was as if I was there, with Hendricks, hearing and smelling those things. Knowing that something is near, but never knowing how to defend oneself or what to do about it. Things escalate as the story continues and holy wow that ending was just absolutely bonkers and mad but also pretty epic (and quite a bit gruesome, staples… and what you can do with them).

We also learn that a couple of years before Hendricks arrives there was a murder in the basement of her new home. Yup. A little girl was killed there. 🙁 You can imagine that she already wasn’t a fan of the house due to the spooky stuff but learning that made her really NOPE out, and I would have done the same.

The parents, as expected, didn’t see anything and didn’t believe our MC. This is typical for hauntings, there is always one who can see/notice things and someone who doesn’t believe/doesn’t notice. And sure, I can also understand that her parents just thought she was still recovering from what happened with her ex-boyfriend and what he did to her. That she saw things because of that. Still, I had hoped that they would be a bit more understanding and not left her so often alone.

We learn through the ghosts what has happened to them, which is something I have seen more often in other haunted house books. Ghosts are set to relive their gruesome deaths.

I am still not sure how I felt about Portia or the other girl whose name I already forgot :P. On the one hand they seem like really fun and interesting girls, but on the other hand they were quite mean towards those outside of their circle.

The book loses a couple of points for the love triangle that felt absolutely unneeded. It could have done without it. I think it was pretty hurtful for Connor, a sweet lovely boy who falls in love with our MC, but when she tells him she wants to take it slowly he accepts. Which is totally sweet of him. He is willing to wait. But in the mean time this girl, who wanted space and room, kisses with another guy, and even sleeps with him in the same bed because she doesn’t want to be lonely. Sorry, but what? You can’t demand space from one guy and then cuddle close with another guy. That is just a no no. The ending also made me cringe due that she lurves him and wants to be with him forever and ever. Whut?

I am still not entirely sure how I felt about the ending, on the one hand WOW, on the other hand, whut?

All in all though I had fun reading this one and I flew through it. I will definitely give Danielle Vega another try if she writes another spooky story, this book has motivated me to try again. I would recommend this one to everyone looking for a spooky creepy read, but be warned of the love triangle.

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