Review for The Second Bride: Harlequin Manga

Review for The Second Bride: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The Harlequin party has reached an ending, it was quite a party with tons of books good and bad. I am not sure if I will pick up the next batch should it appear in places, while I do love these I am getting a tad tired of the silly tropes that keep popping up. Like magical pregnancies (as I would call them), drama at certain pages, the always happy endings, the no-one can talk like adults, and some others. Of course, should I find a Harlequin manga in the next batch that I feel is a must read I will request it. 🙂

Now on to this book. A book about love and loss, and I am already hoping that these two can get over the loss and find each other.

We immediately go to their meeting (on the anniversary that they met, she was the bridesmaid), which had me laughing a bit though. He pops up in the middle of the night? In a storm even? Plus she fell in love when he was getting married, I would have thought she would have met him more often. Since he is her best friend’s husband/boyfriend/fiance. Sorry, but it just seems weird.

So that is what happened to Claire. Well again peeps, reminding you once again, wear a freaking helmet.

“This amazing woman is my best friend. I know her better than anyone except her family.” Well, apparently you didn’t know enough that you never met her future hubby.

Aww, I am loving Rufus so far. The conversation he had about his wife, you could just see how much he loved her and still loves her.

Whoop, that spark that I already saw between them is back in full force and I was just smiling ear to ear with happiness. But this is Harlequin so I am also bracing myself for drama and silly stuff.

And yes it happens earlier than I thought it would happen. Though I can also understand her feelings on the matter, I think Claire would want her best friend to be happy, and that she does understand that you can’t stop love.

Ummmmmmm, hold on. Hold on. Instead of talking about the nice night with her, he immediately asks her if she is pregnant? Really, Harlequin writers pregnancy doesn’t happen that magically in general. They probably used protection so there is even less of a chance. But hey, sure, another fucking magical pregnancy on its way? I hope not.

Oh yes, let’s get married. Another stupid trope that I am getting tired of in these books. Don’t get me wrong, I love marriages, just got married myself, but really? That is your solution?

For those two things I just mentioned I am giving this book 1 less star. Let’s hope the rest is better, though I am already unhappy with the development in this book.

It is just all way too rushed for me. The spark that I felt is lost due to all the stupid tropes and stupid decisions. I was looking forward to enjoy this one, but I am halfway through the book and I just want to delete it from my pc.

Oh good lord. rolls her eyes I know that this seems pretty terrible of me given the situation, but everything was just a bit too much for me. Too coincidental, too much Harlequin.

snortsOh good grief, he is jealous…. dude, please.

rolls her eyes at all the silliness and stupidity

sighs some more at the confession that Rufus gives Dear LORD in heaven, why.

But OK, I do like the ending even though it was super cliche in this one. OK, maybe not the part with the name, that is a bit creepy? I get you want to honour someone, but that is just a bit too awkward for me.

So yeah, this one contained several tropes I am getting highly tired of. In the end there were parts I liked + the art was pretty nice sometimes even gorgeous so I am giving this book 2 stars. Not good, but sorry there was just too much that had me rolling my eyes or sighing.

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