Review for Yancha Gal no Anjou-san Vol.1-Vol.3

Review for Yancha Gal no Anjou-san Vol.1-Vol.3

A gal, a nerd, lots of teasing and sweet flirting~

I was in the mood for some manga about gals and this one came up when I was searching. I was immediately interested in the cover, the perspective is just amazing and I love how the girl is just offering us (or the one she likes) a lick of her lollipop (oh my, this sounds so wrong). I started reading and fell absolutely in love with this series. It just so much fun, so cute, and the art, holy WOW.

I wrote a short-ish review per volume and I want to share them with you all.

Volume 1: : A very sexy and sweet manga with terrific art about a gal and her nerdy (boy)friend. I am putting the boy between () as they aren’t dating yet, but given all she does to him, and how he is clearly thinking about her, I would say they are getting close to that territory. I am definitely rooting for them to become an official couple and stop the teasing and also do something. Yes, I love the teasing and I love how sweet Anjou is towards Seto, but it does get a bit frustrating that for 14 chapters you just get sexy shots and lots of teasing and almost there actions.
I am happy to see our girl go for someone like Seto. Seto is pretty cute in his own way, but it is generally not the kind of guy these girls go for in manga/other media.
I also hope that Seto will man up and finally ask Anjou out, or actually kisses her. I do respect that he is waiting for the right moment/he feels he should be dating someone, but please. Go for it.
The art is just freaking amazing. Holy wow. I want to print them out and put them somewhere special.

Volume 2: : I just couldn’t stop reading, and I still can’t stop reading this one. It is just so cute, so adorable, but also too much teasing. Anjou and Seto are still at it. Well, mostly Anjou is teasing and tempting the love of her life Seto constantly. I was a bit frustrated at times, just like the previous volume. Teasing and tempting is fun, but I want some real action! No licking near the mouth, but true kisses. No indirect kisses but go for it. If she is hugging you, hug back. I would love to see them get together for real, and at times you can truly see that they are getting closer, that Seto is accepting her advances a bit more. He helps her out a few times, is there for her when she needs comforting (yes, there is one chapter that had me crying so much), he even tries to buff up a bit (though he should know that she is totally OK with how he is. If only he would stop going on about her boobs being exposed… she is probably doing that on purpose and you should know that by now.:P I loved when she styled his hair and then brought it back because it was just too sexy for the world (and she didn’t want to share). 😛 The art is just freaking awesome, holy moly, I love it.

Volume 3: : The third volume and now I will have to wait until the next volume releases. ARGHHH. I want more of this manga it is so good, and while the teasing is still strong there is also some development on its way. Anjou is stepping up her game and giving a few more bigger hints. Not just in actions but also in words, and I just loved it. I do wonder how much longer she will keep it up though, I agree with the nurse who warned Seto he should go for it or lose it all. I am not sure how long I would hunt after a boy like this who clearly shows interest and is clearly falling for me, but yet still not doing much. Still being embarrassed about the same things. Still backing away. I am a bit worried for these two, and I hope that in the next one Seto will step up and show her his true feelings (and not have them be undermined by his bad self-image). There were several parts that were very sexy, and I just adored the culture fest, especially the couples thing. Holy wow. Seto!
It was quite hilarious that everyone in the school/class was shipping these two. Thought they would make a good couple. And were wondering why they weren’t already.
I also liked the couple of chapters with Anjou’s best friend Toyoda and that guy who likes cosplay/anime stuff. I do wonder if those two will ever become a couple. 😛
Again freaking fabulous art.

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