Book Haul 5-7-2019

Book Haul 5-7-2019

Afternoon all,

I just had to share these books with you. I could have shared them through twitter but given the stack… it seemed best to do it this way.

Yep, I bought a ton of books on Amazon again, finally there is a bit more money in our wallets and of course the first thing I do is buy books. Several of these have been on my OMG I need these now list since before the move, some are a bit newer OMGs. I can’t wait to dig into this gorgeous looking stack of books, though for some I have to wait. My vacation is coming up and I still need books for my TBR then. Now the question is… what to read and what to keep? They all look fabulous and I have been waiting ages to get them. Can I wait a bit longer? 😛

A whole box (slightly dented, sadly) of these books came in 3 days ago, but I wanted all my books to be here before I shared them with you.

I got 10 new books! Yay!

The Jolley-Rogers and the Pirate Piper by Jonny Duddle
A Zombie Ate My Homework by Tommy Greenwald
A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson
Holiday Heatwave by Alex Milway
Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal by Preeti Chhibber
Witches (Un)welcome by Kaye Umansky
Bad Mermaids on Thin Ice by Sibéal Pounder
Leap of Faith by Candy Harper
Click by Kayla Miller
Camp by Kayla Miller

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