Library Haul 13-7-2019

Library Haul 13-7-2019

Evening all,

Welcome to a new Library #3 haul! It’s been a while and it will be a while again before I visit again as my vacation starts soon! I was really excited to go and hoped to find plenty of books.

At the new releases tables I immediately found two books that were interesting and they had to come with me. My hopes were increasing that this time, for sure, would find some new English YA/Children’s books. This time for sure, right? It’s been a while after all. But no. I did find one English Children’s book that seemed new-ish, but other than that nothing. sighs Crossing my fingers again for next time.

Before heading to the comics I wanted to check out their English adult fiction and see I could find some books there, especially by writers I wanted to read. I was in luck and found a Colleen Hoover book I still wanted/needed to read. Eep! Now to wait until my vacation, argh!

After that comics and searching for new comics/graphic novels. And finishing off by going back to the new releases table and dragging those 2 gigantic travel photography books with me + also another one that was quite big. And I even found a book that I have been meaning to read for ages and the library finally had it. Yay!

So while disappointed at the lack of English Ya/Children’s books I am happy with my haul! I got plenty to read, only 2 books will be going on my vacation stack, the others I can read this week. dances

Stats: 11 books.

NOTE: Quite a few of these aren’t on Goodreads, I will add them when I read them. 🙂

Baby & dreumes by Hedvig Mortgomery
Leraar in de oorlog by Mart Benders
The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day by Christopher Edge
All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover
Polderpolonaise by Merel Corduwener
Kings of Afghanistan by Pieter Jan De Pue
Black Paradise by Veerle Hildebrandt
Oorlogsvrouwen deel 2 by ?
Spotters by Michiel van de Pol
Norway by Udo Bernhart
Chile by Marion Trutter

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