Library Haul 27-7-2019

Library Haul 27-7-2019

Hi all,

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Welcome to a surprise, and somewhat not happy I had to go, Library #2 haul!

What was supposed to be a relaxing day (with my feet up as my feet are totally swollen and dead after 4 days of 10-ish hours of walking in the gorgeous city of Venice) with some preparations for tomorrow’s camping trip turned out to a visit to Library #2. Since my old stack was due to be returned in the midst of my vacation I was waiting for the right moment which would be when the return the books date would be out of my vacation time and that time was today. I was very excited to see, at first glance, that everything could be extended. And then it refreshed, and 3 books had reservations on them and couldn’t be extended. 😐 I started calculating and it would mean at least a 7 euro fee. 😐 So I told my hubby and he told me we could just go. My feet weren’t happy, they hurt so so badly right now and all they want to do is nothing, but I just don’t want that fee.

Oh well, it meant that for once I wasn’t excited to go to the library, I didn’t think that was possible. 😛 Also very sad that the two of the three books I had to bring back were the ones I wanted to bring on my vacation. Grumbles

But in the end? With the exception of my swollen and painful feet, I am happy. I got a stack of books and magazines to read, most of them will have to wait until after my vacation as my book box is pretty much packed to the brim. My magazines (the new ones from today and some others) don’t even fit in there!

Stats: 11 books, 11 magazines! 2 comics, 2 non-fiction, 7 fiction.

Welkom kindje, kom erbij by Marianne Busser
Kepler62 3 by Timo Parvela, Bjorn Sortland
Kepler62 4 by Timo Parvela, Bjorn Sortland
Een spannende wedstrijd in het buitenland by Joke Rijnders, Vivianne Miedema
Dark Mind by Cis Meijer
Chaos in de brugklas by Willeke Brouwer
Fantastische foto’s : neem geen foto’s, maar maak werelden! by Jan van Holleben
Sport is niks voor jou by Paolina Baruchello, Federico Appel
Bosz 1: In een wolk van zwavel by Sampar
Bosz 2: Dit zaakje stinkt by Sampar
Prachtige nacht by Stefan Seip, Gernot Meiser, Babak A. Tafresi

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