Library Haul 6-7-2019

Library Haul 6-7-2019

Hi all!

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Happy Saturday, happy weekend, are you guys also happy it is finally weekend? I know I am delighted! Welcome to a new Library #2 haul. Keeping it short-ish as I am not feeling too well.

I still had a couple of picture books to read (totally forgot about them, sorry books), and my husband has a couple of comics to check out, but since this library has no limits on what one can borrow I decided to go to Library #2 today. I should also really go to Library #3 soon, but I guess that is a thing for next week.

As my body isn’t too happy with things, I decided to only checked out a limited bit of the library, however that was pretty much sufficient as I found quite a nice stack of books while browsing that part. Add to that 4 reservations (hopefully the other few come in before my vacation in 2/3 weeks). I got enough to read again. cheers

Stats: 13 books, 2 magazines. 3 non-fiction, 1 comic, 1 picture book, 8 fiction.

NOTE : Most of these are once again not found on Goodreads, will add them as I read, and if I remember I will update the links here.

Wilder by Rebecca Yarros
ANWB Paddenstoelenwandelingen by –
Handboek voor superhelden 2 by Elias, Agnes Vahlund
Vals by Mel Wallis de Vries
Fout by Mel Wallis de Vries
De opvoeders by Stine Jensen, Frank Meester
Doei dierendag! by Janny den Best
De maan is overal by Kolet Janssen, Fatinha Ramos
Storm en de uitvinding van het voetbal by Jan Birck
Fashion Chick by –
Fashion Chick by –
Vakantieprut en appelmummies by Naomie Tieman
Prins Vads by Ries Moonen, Charlotte Vonk
Sisters 13 by Christophe Cazenove
Rotterdam 14 mei 1940 by Frits Baarda

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